BLord Raises An Uproar As He Prepares To Marry His Second Wife

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Nigerian philanthropist and entrepreneur, William Linus, also known as BLord, has caused a stir on social media by announcing his intention to marry a second wife.

BLord made this surprising revelation on his Instagram account, where he shared photos of the moment he proposed to another woman.

In the pictures, BLord can be seen in a tender and romantic gesture, kneeling before the lady who is believed to be his new partner, and presenting her with a ring.

This announcement has left many of his followers in disbelief, especially considering his previous public declarations of his current wife’s unwavering support during difficult times.

Social media abuzz as BLord captured proposing to mystery woman

Despite the unexpected nature of the news, BLord took proactive measures to address any potential disappointment among his supporters by issuing an apology for his decision.

The impending marriage of the entrepreneur to a second wife has sparked widespread discussion and speculation on various social media platforms.

See below:

See some reactions below:

oti_dollars noted: “Dis guy nd Davido no difference”

emikuzi_beatz advised: “Sir with all due respect, I know it’s a prank but with the kind of person you’re in the society today i don’t think you should be doing this. Even tho it’s all cruise”

officialsarahmartins prayed: “I reject every spirit of Yul Edochie in you 😂😂😂😂😂😂”

daveplayblogger asked: “Which day you start to dey act skit?”

djsilenttalkative opined: “As a doctor 🩼 ur wife will just run it successfully 😂😂😂 .. If you know you know 😂😂”

nmazbeauty added: “Make we no face you oooo 😂😂😂 cos this space no go contain us at all 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

In other news, Billionaire businessman Linus Williams, also known as BLord, has recently given his supporters an update regarding the progress of the Ebenebe Tansi Church construction project in his hometown.

The project, which is estimated to be worth more than N300 million, is a significant undertaking aimed at finally completing the church building after being left unfinished for over twenty years.

Through a post on his Instagram account, BLord shared a video showcasing the current state of the construction, indicating that the roofing phase is now at a seventy percent completion rate, in line with his promise.

Mr.B Lord highlighted the importance of the project, recalling that the church had been roofless since he was just six years old.

With a strong resolve to address this issue, he declared his plan to take on the financial responsibility alone, intending to invest over N300 million in the project.

He requested the support of his followers through prayers, recognizing the magnitude of the task at hand and the necessity of divine assistance to bring it to a successful conclusion.

In his words;

“Roofing of Ebenebe Tansi Church 70 percent completed As Promised, Plastering and Tiling Next By Gods Grace, This Project Was Contracted to @m.dagash911 Director Of Tonimas,

Pray For Blord , I need Gods Strength to finish this project, this is not 100m naira project, We are looking at 300m and above and ill single-handedly do it.

Do you know that the church has remained Unroofed For the past 20 years ???? I was just 6 when they stopped working on the church, Grace”

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