“Peter Obi Will Not Smell Presidency In 2027” – VeryDarkMan

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VeryDarkMan, a prominent social media activist, has recently made a prediction regarding the likelihood of Peter Obi becoming the president in 2027.

He firmly believes that the chances of this happening are extremely slim.

Furthermore, VeryDarkMan also expressed his skepticism towards Atiku Abubakar of the PDP and Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of the NNPP, stating that they too would not have a realistic shot at the presidential seat.

According to the activist, supporters of the opposition parties fail to fully grasp the power and influence held by the current President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In discussing the potential merger between Obi and Atiku’s parties, VeryDarkMan emphasized that even with such an alliance, it would be an arduous task to defeat the incumbent president in the upcoming election.

He stated:

I’m sick of seeing the news of Peter Obi and Atiku planning a merger ahead of 2027 in bid to take over the presidency.

“But the truth is, Peter Obi, Atiku or Kwankwaso cannot smell the presidential seat in 2027.

“The problem with the opposition is that they underestimate the incumbent president, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“With time, you will realise that Tinubu is actually the greatest politician of all time. I hate to say it but it’s fact.

“The man is smart, intelligent and desperate. He knows how to get what he wants. Don’t joke with him. He will remain in office till 2032.

“The opposition should give up on the merger plans. Peter Obi 2027 is not possible.”

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In other news, Vincent Martins Otse, also known as VeryDarkMan (VDM), a controversial Nigerian social media critic, has entered the ongoing drama involving Wizkid, Davido, and Don Jazzy.

Wizkid sparked chaos online when he made derogatory remarks about Davido and labeled Don Jazzy as an influencer.

These comments by the Grammy-winning artist did not sit well with several internet users, including VeryDarkMan. In his typical manner, he used social media to express his thoughts.

In a video shared on his social media account, VDM stated that many of Wizkid’s supporters had flooded his DMs and threatened to report his page if he did not support Star Boy.

He then challenged them to follow through on their threat within 24 hours.

Not stopping there, VeryDarkMan also described Wizkid with a lot of colorful words. He referred to the Essence crooner as being mannerless and disrespectful.

According to him, Wizkid’s fans also shield him from the repercussions of his actions.

VDM said:

“FCs just full my DM say if I talk about their popsi again, dem go chop my account. FCs I won tell una, first of all I be Edo boy, I no dey fear anybody for this life, na only God I dey fear. Una popsi has constantly disrespected a lot of people and you people know it. He no get manners, he no get respect and for somebody like that wey never even really impact on anybody for this country.

Yes he’s a good musician but e get some things e go do wey be say I go just look am and una go dey shield am. That one no be problem but make una no carry that level come near me.

As una popsi no get respect na so me sef I dey, I no send anybody as you see me like this. So una say una go chop the account, I give una 24 hours, if my account no go down, FCs una no get level. Make una take report how una wan take report, I wan test una today.”

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