‘I Used To Sell Weed, Alcohol To s3x Workers’ – Gospel Singer, Victor Thompson

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Gospel artist Victor Thompson, well-known for his popular song “This Year,” has courageously shared his incredible journey of transformation.

During a candid discussion with Chude Jideonwo, Victor Thompson revealed his past of selling marijuana and alcohol to s3x workers as a way to survive after losing both parents at the young age of 12.

The musician spoke about the challenges he faced daily, working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

He mentioned that he would sell bottled water during the day on the streets, and in the evenings, he ran a small store near a brothel, where he sold alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes to s3x workers.

In his words:

“At a time, I was selling alcohol, weed, cigarettes, and hawking pure water. In the morning and afternoon time, I did vulcanizing, shoe-making and hawked pure water but at night go back to my shop which was close to a brothel to sell alcohol, weed, and cigarettes. Most of my customers were the prostitutes.

“I lost my parents when I was between 12 and 14. My dad passed first, I think I was 10 or thereabout. When my dad died, my aunties threw us out of our dad’s house. We didn’t have a place to sleep. God so good, a carpenter was so kind and gave us an empty land to sleep. It’s a bush so at night, I would sneak my mum in, so that was how we lived for years. But she couldn’t cope then she passed.”

In other news, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa, a Nigerian pastor, has shared a heartwarming account of how he and his wife, gospel singer Mercy Chinwo, developed a strong foundation of trust during their courtship.

Despite their busy schedules and time spent apart, their relationship serves as an inspiring example of a loving and committed marriage for many young Christians.

During a recent podcast, Pastor Blessed disclosed that the key to their successful courtship was the establishment of mutual trust.

By prioritizing their callings and dedicating themselves to serving God, they were able to cultivate a profound and enduring trust that has only grown stronger with time.

“As I was fulfilling my duties as a pastor, I saw my wife dedicating herself to her music ministry,” 

Pastor Blessed explained:

“As our visions aligned, we began to see each other as part of God’s plan for our lives. This foundation of trust has been the bedrock of our marriage, allowing us to serve God without worrying about infidelity or mistrust.”

The couple’s unwavering dedication to their faith and each other has served as a source of inspiration for numerous individuals. Their love persists and flourishes even amidst their hectic schedules and periods of separation.

“My wife can be anywhere in the world, and she’s not bothered. She knows that I am committed to our marriage and our faith, and that’s all that matters.”

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