I Got Criticized For My Fashion Sense When I Started Music – Tiwa Savage

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During a recent conversation with Kiss FM in the United Kingdom, Tiwa Savage shared insights into her early career struggles.

She mentioned facing backlash for her fashion choices and daring music style during her younger days. The singer expressed admiration for Ayra Starr, attributing her fondness to her own past experiences.

Despite facing criticism from Nigerians for her style, Savage commended Ayra Starr for her success in the global music industry.

Savage said:

“I love Ayra [Starr]. I’m obsessed with her. She’s amazing and genuine, too. It makes me emotional because when I started, I got criticized a lot for dressing too s3xy and my lyrics being too risky.

“So, seeing someone, Ayra now…If I see her wearing the short skirts as they [critics] say, I’m like, ‘Make it shorter.’

“And she looks amazing, she’s extremely talented. Yeah, she’s a star.”

Tiwa Savage also cautioned her fellow Nigerians about making financial requests from people. She forbade them from requesting money from her. People should work for their money, she advised.

The singer declared on her Instagram story that she is focusing on becoming better rather than proving herself as the year goes on. She boasted of her wealth and warned others not to approach her because of her position.

According to her, 2024 is going to be a great year to make more money.

Her remarks:

“2024 I’m working on improving myself Rather than proving myself Read that again Iyalaya anybody. I’m rich bit$h.  
“But no mean say all yall leeches should ask me for money o We all gat the same 24 hours in a day GO HUSTLE.”
According to the singer, her ability to see has deteriorated in recent months. She opened up in a video posted on her Instagram page.

In her words:

“Guys the last two or three years, I have been noticing that I will be squinting sometimes and when I read some stuff, it would be getting blurry.
And in the last few months, I noticed it got really bad that sometimes I will have to screen grab a message and then go back into my camera and zoom. So when I was in London, I said let me go and see the Optician.
So my long sight is okay for now, he said, not great; but my short sight (shakes her head). Like literally, I will be in a restaurant and I won’t be able to read the menu.
But for now, your girl is back and you know I needed to make some luxury and got myself a cartel pair because ABG don’t play. Do I still look sexy?”.
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