Uche Ogbodo Criticizes Qatar Airlines For Incompetence

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Nigerian actress Uche Ogbodo recently criticized an airline in Nigeria for its unprofessionalism.

She shared her experience of booking a flight to Guangzhou, China with Qatar Airways, only to find herself on a Southern Sun flight after a layover in Doha.

Uche Ogbodo expressed her disappointment at the uncomfortable seating arrangement during the 8-hour flight. She questioned the sudden change in her flight route and wondered if this was a common occurrence.

Despite paying N2 million for an economy ticket, she felt that the airline should have provided better communication regarding the change in her flight itinerary.

Uche Ogbodo lamented:

“Can someone pls help me @qatarairways. Why I booked a flight straight to Guangzhou, China then after 3 hours in Doha, I found myself in China’s Southern Sun flight with the most uncomfortable seat and most awkward position for almost 8 hours straight.

Has This Happened to anyone before? Why did @qatarairways Change Flights at Transit in DOHA , going to China?
Is this the normal thing or I’m just Upset for Nothing?
Is this even Right? Or I was just Robbed in Broad Day Light? . Mind you this was Flight of about 2M for economy .

@qatarairways You should have explained this ahead! I saw other Cheaper Airlines oooo but I decided to go with you because of Comfort! Only to be subjected to so much discomfort and pain!”.

In other news, Uche Ogbodo, a Nollywood actress, has spoken out about the entertainment industry, which she describes as vile.

The mother of three said on her Instagram story that the individuals in the profession are ugly, spiteful, and cruel.

She advised her coworkers to be joyful for others so that wonderful things would come their way. She stated that they should applaud others when they accomplish success and pray for their grace.

She questioned herself and declared that she was on her lane, pointing out that her inquiries had not filled up a basket. She mentioned how many people desire what others have but don’t want to be good enough to have it.

She wrote:

“Tufiakwa! This entertainment industry is so Dark cos people in it are so hile, envious, and evil. Happy for somebody so that good things can come to you too nah! Congratulate the person and then pray for your own grace.

Mtchewwwwww! What do I know? Shey I dey my own lane. Plenty Questions never fill up a basket! Wishing you have what others have but you don’t want to be good enough to get it”.

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