“Why I Always Do My Make-up Before Cooking”- Actress Chizzy Alichi Reveals (Video)

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Chizzy Alichi, a popular Nollywood actress, has astonished people with her recent revelation and declaration.

In a video posted to her Instagram account, the Nollywood star stated that she always puts on makeup before cooking.

She gave reasons for her belief that being gorgeous makes her meals taste better.

She claimed that she had no idea where she acquired that perspective, but it has always worked for her. Sharing a video of herself in makeup about to prepare a dinner, she explained that she engages in this strange behavior especially while preparing special foods.

She wrote:

“Whenever I want to cook I do my make-up. I feel like when I am beautiful or look beautiful, my food will come out beautiful.

I don’t even know where I got that from, but I believe when I look beautiful my food will come out beautiful. That’s to say, the food will taste really nice.

I don’t know where I got it from but this is the mindset I have sometimes, especially when I want to cook some special dishes. I am about to cook something sumptuous for my hubby right now”.

Watch video:

See some reactions below:

Litany Sizar sais, “She is just catching cruise, so kind your business

Samaria Bub wrote, “Self-assurance

One Nene Kusi wrote, “I also fix my fingernails before going to the restroom so I can be able to clean up well

Efe Echi wrote, “Do you always have to impress people? Try to be real sometimes girl

Adelakun Tufayl wrote, “Lie on us Lizzy because we are your Mouka Foam

More Math wrote, “This one na for who AC dey her kitchen

Esther Star of God wrote, “Another example of many are mad few are roaming

Caths Fit wrote, “She is just catching cruise

Ifediora Amara wrote, “I make-up too when I sleep at night. I want to look super sexy for my dream man”

In other news, Chizzy Alichi, a popular Nigerian actress, has taken to Instagram to share gorgeous pictures with her spouse to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The actress assured her husband of her undying love. In her post, she stated that she is a lovely girl who will spread plenty of love today.

Her words are:

Happy Valentine’s Day from me and mine. ❤️ I love you today, tomorrow and forever my baby. Happy Valentine’s Day to us 🥂

“I’m a lover girl I’m inlove I love LOVE I’m spreading plenty love today❤️#happyvalentinesday”

“Forever His masterpiece…. I’m blessed ❤️ Happiness looks great on me. Happy Valentine’s Day lovers #happyme #happyvalentinesday”

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