Update: Ebonyi State University Final Year Student Committed Su*cide After Lecturer Repeatedly Failed Her (Video)

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Reports indicate that Favour Ugwuka, a final-year student at Ebonyi State University, tragically took her own life after facing repeated failures from a lecturer.

Her lifeless body was found on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, near her hostel on the university’s Ishieke Campus in Abakaliki. It was revealed that she ingested a poisonous substance believed to be a sniper.

A leaked voice note revealed that the English Department student had excelled in all her classes except for one, where the lecturer allegedly ensured she would never pass.

The mother of the deceased expressed grief and accused the lecturer of being responsible for her daughter’s decision to end her life in a video that went viral.

“Dr Enyi said he is the best, that nobody can teach like him. He should come and carry my daughter who has committed su*cide,” she said.

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Meanwhile, Deyemi Okanlawon, a famous Nigerian actor, has shared the touching story of how he met his wife, Damilola.

He said he met his wife while attending university.

In a recent interview with Pulse on the One-on-One show, the actor revealed that he and his wife studied chemical engineering at Lagos State University.

According to him, despite their shared academic experience, he initially hesitated to approach Damilola, preferring to let her initiate the greeting.

He later approached and chatted with her one day, and they continued to cross paths even after they graduated from school.

He said:

“So what happened was, I used to see her with girls that I know because they used to hang out. You know how girls used to hang out in cliques…So they’d be walking down the hallway and I’d be walking towards them and they would stop and I would say hello to every single one of them except my wife because she won’t say hello first.”

“She get pride pass me, last last na me still go meet am. We got out of school and because we had the same circle of friends, people were getting married so we were always on bridal trains together. One day, I went to present a cake made my by mum at a wedding she was at; it was her cousin’s wedding.”

“And her cousin who was my friend said to her “can you please go get something for my friend to eat?” And she couldn’t say no and you could see the look on her face and I was basking in it.”

“Then about a year later when I was single, we met again. I was working a 9-5 when we married, she got married to me as a working professional. But when we were dating I told her that I felt that there was something for me in acting and by that same year I got an acting gig. And she found herself married to an actor.”

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