Seun Kuti Shares Stance On Monogamy, Reveals Fela Had Over 100 Girlfriends (Video)

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Seun Kuti expressed his views on monogamy by suggesting that powerful men should be supported by multiple goddesses bestowed upon them by their ancestors.

This perspective was shared during an episode of the Bad and Boujee podcast featuring Tolani Baj and Moet Abebe.

Additionally, Seun revealed surprising details about his grandfather, the iconic Fela Kuti, mentioning that besides having 27 wives, Fela also had more than 100 girlfriends, some of whom resided with the family.

The singer’s stance on monogamy has triggered strong reactions from online users, particularly in light of his marital status.

Watch video:


See reactions to the video below;

emeka_ wrote: “Abeg, I go marry one woman o. Monogamy is best for keeping your sanity. Polygamy go be like running small business”

dorapanther advised: “Nigerian women we can actually do better…. Please raise your standards… this men handle white women with utmost respect and still take responsibilities, but we Nigerian women be hyping these men for doing the bare minimum 🥲🙄”

_rashydah_ noted: “No wonder he said he won’t be angry if he finds out his children aren’t his. He has numerous goddesses, he can only expect her to do the same.”

elohor_travel_tales reacted: “😂😂👍That is to say you get plenty girlfriends. Married women for Naija de try o.”

teenah_hair added: “Coming from someone who have 1 wife”

In other news,  Afrobeats musician Seun Kuti has added a controversial angle to the brouhaha over conducting DNA tests. He was reacting after Mobad’s wife made a U-turn, insisting that she wouldn’t allow anybody to conduct a DNA test on her son.

Reacting, Seun said no man would want a DNA test if his wife is more financially secure than him.

According to him, obtaining DNA is about both trust and power. Kuti joined the conversation on the DNA test scandal raging on Nigeria’s social media platforms.

Nigerians disagree on the relevance of DNA tests, especially given the current rise of paternity fraud cases.

In a video message, Kuti stated that the emphasis on DNA testing originates mostly from trust and power dynamics in partnerships.

He contended that, while the immediate goal of DNA testing may be to prove paternity, the deeper reasons are often driven by underlying relationship dynamics.

He said:

There is no way that doing DNA test is not about trust. Doing DNA test is a trust issue 100 per cent! It’s not only a trust issue, it’s also a power issue. No man would request for a DNA test if their partners are richer than them.”

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