Despite His Fame, He Still Checks Up On Us – Childhood Friend of Ruger Praises Singer for Staying Humble

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AdeblownBoy took to Twitter to express his admiration for Nigerian singer, Ruger.

He commended Ruger for his humility despite his rise to fame. AdeblownBoy mentioned that he and Ruger have been friends since secondary school and have shared numerous experiences.

He was particularly impressed by Ruger’s ability to maintain a strong connection with his friends, even after achieving stardom.

AdeblownBoy revealed that Ruger still promptly responds to calls and texts at any time and even continues to engage in activities like playing football with him, just like they used to do before Ruger’s fame.

AdeblownBoy wrote via X:
“Tweets like this make me want to appreciate Ruger more. We’ve been close since secondary school, sharing provisions and writing exams together. I’ve always believed in his talent, and even though he’s now winning, he still keeps us in check. Whenever I pull up in Nigeria, he’s always available, even for random FaceTime calls. We still play football and crack jokes like we used to… he’s a real one!”
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In other news, Gospel artist Victor Thompson, well-known for his popular song “This Year,” has courageously shared his incredible journey of transformation.

During a candid discussion with Chude Jideonwo, Victor Thompson revealed his past of selling marijuana and alcohol to s3x workers as a way to survive after losing both parents at the young age of 12.

The musician spoke about the challenges he faced daily, working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

He mentioned that he would sell bottled water during the day on the streets, and in the evenings, he ran a small store near a brothel, where he sold alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes to s3x workers.

In his words:

“At a time, I was selling alcohol, weed, cigarettes, and hawking pure water. In the morning and afternoon time, I did vulcanizing, shoe-making and hawked pure water but at night go back to my shop which was close to a brothel to sell alcohol, weed, and cigarettes. Most of my customers were the prostitutes.

“I lost my parents when I was between 12 and 14. My dad passed first, I think I was 10 or thereabout. When my dad died, my aunties threw us out of our dad’s house. We didn’t have a place to sleep. God so good, a carpenter was so kind and gave us an empty land to sleep. It’s a bush so at night, I would sneak my mum in, so that was how we lived for years. But she couldn’t cope then she passed.”

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