“Why Actresses Have Unhappy Relationships” – Stella Udeze Opens Up

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Stella Udeze sheds light on the root causes of dissatisfaction and limited duration in relationships among Nigerian actresses.

According to Stella Udeze, the primary cause of these difficulties lies not within the actresses themselves, but rather in the prevailing perception of women in Nollywood, which unjustly categorizes them as prostitutes.

In an exclusive conversation with Potpourri, Stella Udeze highlights that a staggering 80 percent of Nigerian men associate being an actress with engaging in prostitution.

This perception, she asserts, greatly contributes to the erosion of trust within relationships involving actresses.

“Some actresses don’t seem to have a happy relationship because of trust issues. In Nigeria, 80 percent of men feel that being an actress makes you a prostitute,” Stella Udeze explained.

She expanded on the negative effects of these stereotypes, emphasizing that although actresses are often in the public eye because of their job, it is unjust to categorize and judge them solely on their chosen profession.

“They should learn to differentiate the good from the bad. We can’t deny the fact that we are exposed to the world. I think when people stop to have this impression about them they will realize we can have the best relationships,” Stella Udeze added.

In other news, Nollywood star Lizzy Gold has revealed why she has never suffered heartbreak in her life.

According to the renowned actress, the reason is that she has developed a knack for not getting emotionally attached to romantic relationships.

Describing herself as a determined person, she highlighted her ability to walk away from a relationship before her partner could do so.

Using humour, the actress compared her heart to “Kpomo,” a tough cow skin, indicating its resilience and resistance to breaking.

Lizzy Gold also mentioned that she loves her shoulders rather than her head, underscoring her focus on self-care and readiness to end relationships if her partner behaves poorly.

In her words;

“I move on so easily and forget you ever existed …I have a delete botton app in my head , once am done with you I just delete all your memories…we must marry first before I catch feelings 😁To those currently going through heartbreak my sincere condolence….”

“I have never experienced heartbreak… My heart is made of Kpomo…… before you think of serving me breakfast I have already served you. I don’t love with my head.. I love with my shoulders so if you try to misbehave I will just drop you… I don’t easily catch feelings “
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