“46 To 50 Inches Of Ukwu” – Speed Darlington Reveals the Qualities He Wants In A Wife

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Popular Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington, recently took to Instagram to express his preferences for a potential wife, revealing his plans to get married.

In his post, he emphasized his desire for a dark-skinned woman who weighs less than 150 pounds and possesses wide hips measuring between 46 to 50 inches.

Additionally, he specified that the woman should be at least 5 feet 8 inches tall and fall within the age range of 18 to 23.

Furthermore, he expressed a preference for a virgin who has maintained physical cleanliness and has never been to Libya.

Alongside these requirements, Speed Darlington also listed his qualities and assets. He encouraged women who meet the specified criteria to send three colored photos of themselves to a provided phone number.

This list has garnered attention from social media users and is currently being widely shared.



In other news, Joselyn Dumas, an actress and television presenter, recently discussed the challenges single mothers face when it comes to love and relationships.
During a conversation on her YouTube channel, Dumas shared a personal story about a friend who was hesitant to date a woman with a child. He expressed his reluctance to take on parental responsibilities for a child who was not biologically his own.Dumas highlighted that this mindset poses a significant hurdle for single mothers who are seeking love, as they often face biases due to their parenting status.

“We, as single mothers, still want to find happiness and date other people,” Dumas explained.

She recounted a conversation with her friend Anthony, who firmly stated, “I will never be with someone who has a child.”

His reasoning was based on the fact that he did not want to raise someone else’s child and believed that his bloodline should be prioritized.

Dumas reflected on how this perspective contributes to the ongoing single status of many mothers.

Joselyn Dumas highlighted that societal prejudice against single mothers often arises from misconceptions regarding their ability to establish long-lasting relationships.

“I came to the realization that this is why many single mothers remain single with their children,” she expressed.

She also delved into the topic of adoption, questioning the contrasting attitudes towards caring for a non-biological child.

“Is adoption truly so distinct?” she inquired. From her perspective, the love and dedication required to raise a child should not be evaluated solely based on biology.

“I asked him, ‘What about adoption?’ And he responded that it’s different. However, in my opinion, it’s not that dissimilar,” she asserted.

Joselyn Dumas emphasized that single mothers often opt to raise their children alone due to sacrifice and necessity, rather than a preference for a solitary life.

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