Look Within The Industry And Marry Yourselves – Actress Uche Ogbodo Advises Her Colleagues

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Uche Ogbodo, a prominent figure in Nollywood, has offered guidance to her unmarried colleagues seeking life partners.

She advised fellow actors and actresses to consider finding their significant others within the Nigerian film industry and tying the knot.

Ogbodo emphasized that individuals in the industry better understand each other’s profession, making their relationships more likely to succeed if they follow her suggestion.

She also highlighted the presence of numerous eligible actors in the industry.

As a mother of three, she pointed out the abundance of single individuals in Nollywood and asserted that actresses from the industry excel as spouses.


Uche Ogbodo wrote:

“My Advice To Nollywood actors or Actresses looking for a Life Partner. LOOK WITHIN THE INDUSTRY, Husband full there, Wife Full. Marry your selves.

“Your fellow actor understands you and your job better than an Outsider. Besides Nollywood actresses make the Best Wives. Argue with yourself if you no Gree”

“Make You for No Old Where you Dey find Husband or Wife ooo! Just a Piece of Advice. Me Sef nah Nollywood Actor I marry. A Word is Better for the Wise. #goddesssayso”

In other news, Yetunde Bakare, a well-known Nigerian film actress, has disclosed that she has never been questioned by a man about the popular issue of what a woman ‘brings to the table’ in a love relationship.

The busty thespian stated that it is not a general question, which is why no one has asked her; nonetheless, she feels that guys who ask such questions do not envisage a future with the lady in question.

According to her, anyone asking that question has a bad motive.

Yetunde Bakare asserted in a recent interview, claiming that the man may have realized via observation that the relationship and the woman in question lacked foresight and purpose.

The dark-skinned beauty explained that it may also be an excuse for him to let the lady go, so instead of formally ending things, he asks what she adds to the table and watches the relationship die naturally when the woman is unable to respond.

In Yetunde Bakare’s words:

“I personally think that is not a general question. Nobody has ever asked me that. I feel men often ask such questions when they don’t see the woman they are with as someone who has potential.

“He might have studied her and realised that she does not have foresight, or that she lacks vision and purpose. He might also see her as someone who is more interested in a luxury lifestyle that she cannot afford on her own. I feel it is just an excuse for the man to let such a woman go.”

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