“Tinubu Is Working” – Reality TV Star Khloe Praises Tinubu

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Abiri Busayo, also known as Khloe, a reality TV star and influencer, recently took to social media to praise the Nigerian president, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for his commendable efforts in ensuring access to clean water in the city.

On Instagram, Khloe posted a picture of the crystal-clear waters at a beach, highlighting Tinubu’s administration’s commitment to enhancing the well-being of Lagos residents.

She admired the pristine, teal-colored waters and credited the government’s proactive initiatives for their current state.

“Tinubu is working!!! Treated the water…we have clean water, teal color wow,” Khloe said.

Kokobykhloe’s endorsement arrives at a time when the Lagos State government is actively working towards resolving the environmental and infrastructural issues in the vibrant city.
The lack of access to clean water has been a persistent problem for Lagos residents, who have been struggling with insufficient supply and subpar water quality.
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In other news, Abiri Oluwabusayo Khloe, a former participant in the reality show Big Brother Naija, has made a firm commitment to never engage in sexual activities with any man solely for financial gain.
Furthermore, she clarified that she has never been involved in a romantic relationship, emphasizing that once her previous relationships ended, they ceased to exist.

During an open and honest interview with Chude Jideonwo, which was recently shared, Khloe expressed that while she may have engaged in playful interactions with men in the past, she is currently taking her time to find the right partner for a meaningful relationship.

Khloe confidently asserted that she knows the specific qualities she desires in a man.

The reality star said:

“I will never sleep with any man for money. When it comes to relationship, I think I am taking my time to find the right man. 100 can come, I can decide to flirt with 100 but I know what I am looking for; my kind of man.

“And I have never been in a relationship before. If you are my ex, it never happened. I don’t know you.”

She said this while teaching ladies how to handle a cheating partner. She communicated via her Snapchat story. Khloe remarked that one thing women should understand regarding infidelity is that there is no turning back.

In her own words:

“Cheat back. C’est fini 👌🏽

But know there is no coming back from that cos then it’s a win win .. if he tricks, trick bigger 😩🙈

My opinion cos I do pay backs but not anymore cos I have no reason to lately. 😞

But if God says No to pay backs, then dump him. 😩

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