Cynthia Morgan Criticizes African’s Use Of English, Despite Past British Atrocities

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Cynthia Morgan has ignited discussions on English language adoption in Africa amidst historical oppression.

She raised an important question regarding the prevalent use of the English language in Africa, considering the troubled past of British colonialism.

In her statement, Cynthia Morgan expressed her concerns and wondered why numerous Africans still choose to communicate in English, despite the hardships endured during the era of colonization.

She highlighted the injustices inflicted upon Africa by the British Empire and contemplated whether it was still appropriate for Africans to embrace the language of their former oppressors.

Cynthia Morgan stated:

“Considering the atrocities Britain committed against Africa, should we even be speaking English on this continent?

In other news, Cynthia Morgan, a Nigerian musician, has rekindled her spat with Jude Okoye, her former label owner, over royalties.

Cynthia took to Instagram to show a picture of the car he bought her in 2013 with a mortgage.

She alleged that Jude claimed she owed him money and was unproductive on his label, even though she was paid N5 million for her performance at Coke Studio and N1 million for her 11 gigs with Star Trek.

Cynthia Morgan made it plain that just because she is silent does not imply she is a fool, pointing out that Jude has yet to give her ‘her’ royalties on her intellectual rights.

The dancehall diva further stated that she wants him to understand that he has valued God’s hand and is playing a deadly game.

She wrote:

“I got signed to Jude in October 2013 and this car was given to me in the last quarter of 2015 on “mortgage” As you can see I posted the car on my Instagram on the 5th of January 2016 and that was because they had to spray paint the car and all.

Jude claims I owe him money that I didn’t make him a dime while I was with his label.

Coke studio alone paid me 5 million naira in 2016 and if I didn’t play shows for Star Trek during 2014/16 I played about 11 shows and I was never paid less than a million for each performance @judeengees and I am only saying these cause they are names brands. And what about my royalties on my intellectual properties. To date I haven’t seen a dime.

I keep quiet no mean say I be mumu.
But I want make you know say you don prize for God’s hand and you are playing a dangerous game”.

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