“This Too Shall Pass” – AY Shares Cryptic Post Following Ex-Wife Mabel Makun’s Statement On Their Failed Marriage

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Ayo Makun aka AY, the well-known Nigerian comedian, has taken to his Instagram page to react after his estranged wife, Mabel Makun confirmed that their marriage has broken apart.

Mabel Makun, who is now separated from the comedian, recently addressed the public regarding the end of their marital relationship.

In her statement, she opened up that her lifelong dreams of a successful marriage have now taken a different path.

Despite the challenges they are currently facing, the mother of two kindly requested the media and the public to respect their privacy during this delicate period.

She specifically mentioned the spread of false information and unwarranted attacks she has endured on social media.

Mabel Makun stressed her decision to refrain from discussing these matters publicly, as she wants to shield her children from unnecessary distress.

While maintaining her silence, Mabel Makun made it clear that her words should not be misinterpreted.

She emphasized the importance of showing respect towards AY, implying that there are complexities in their situation that may not be fully understood by the public.

Above all, she highlighted that the mental well-being and overall welfare of their children are their utmost priorities.

In response to his wife’s statement, Ayo Makun shared a cryptic message on his Instagram page, hinting at the emotional turmoil he is currently going through.

The comedian wrote;

“This Too Shall Pass,

See below;

Recall that Renowned Nigerian prophet, Abel Tamunominabo Boma has made a frightening revelation about comedian Ayo Makun, aka AY, and his wife, Mabel following the crash of their marriage.

Recall that reports had surfaced indicating that the marriage between AY and Mabel had crashed.

On Sunday, AY Makun disclosed that his two-decade-long marriage is slipping away, acknowledging that both parties are not blameless.

Reacting to the crash of the popular comedian’s marriage, Pastor Abel issued a warning to the couple.

The clergyman claimed to have received a divine message foreseeing a major challenge and potential misstep that could affect their 16-year-old daughter, Michelle Makun, stressing the urgent need for the couple to come together and prevent this crisis.

In a heartfelt plea to Mabel, Pastor Abel urged her to reconcile with her husband and go back to their home, underlining the significance of forgiveness and the spiritual battle surrounding their marriage.

The pastor implored AY to take proactive measures to mend and strengthen their marital relationship, emphasizing the crucial need to preserve their union for the well-being and future stability of their daughter.

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