Nigerian Man Kills His Friend Because He Couldn’t Refund N3Million He Borrowed From Him On Time (Photo)

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A Nigerian man, Bello Zubairu has reportedly killed his friend, Bello Bukar Adam after borrowing N3 million from him.

According to information shared by Twitter user, @ZagazOlaMakama, Zubairu killed his friend because he was unable to refund the money he borrowed on time, so he hired two assassins to help kill his friend.

Sharing the news on Twitter, @ZagazOlaMakama wrote:

“This suspect, Bello Zubairu was reported to have borrowed 3 million naira from one of his close friends, Bello Bukar Adam , and as he wasn’t able to refund the payment on time he resulted to have hired two assassin to help kill his friend.

He was said to have invited his friend to his house and unknown to his friends that he had planned on killing him fell into the trap and visited him, upon his arrival, the friend hit him with a pestle smashing his skull, and ended his life through the process

The car beside him belonged to his late friend and it was also used by the suspect to dump his corpse along the Kano-Zaria road.

Lessons: Avoid lending your friends money,except with witnesses and proper documentation and except such friend is well trusted bcus many have died after lending money to their friends. when they cannot pay back the money, they will do everything to eliminate you.

Stop announcing every good thing that comes your way. You don’t need anyone to validate your happiness. Because 90 percent of those you are telling may not be happy. Some will go to any length to sabotage you while showing you physically that they are happy with your progress.

Be careful with the type of company you keep at all times. because sometimes those who want to nutrialise you are your close friends whom you usually tell everything about yourself. avoid keeping a jealous friend, or any friend you know that like competing with you. Always keep a low profile. not everybody should know your where about.

Stop advertising your wealth on social media, or showing your family members. The bandits, armed robbers, Boko Haram and ISWAP also use social media.

Please be careful”

In a further update, @ZagazOlaMakama added:

“CORRECTION: A family member of the deceased just contacted us on the story where he reported the another version of the story. He said “Regards the story of the guy that killed his frend, his name is Sadiq Jibrin with an active handle on X @sadiqsolar and the deceased is Bello Bukar Adamu. He didn’t actually borrow the money. He lied to Bello (his former colleague at KEDCO) that he will help him secure employment with FIRS, after weeks no job offer & no money there was pressure from Bello on Sadiq and that is when he invited Bello to his house & carried out the heinous act.”

In other news, Toke Makinwa, a well-known figure in the media and business world, shared a personal anecdote about her academic struggles during the launch of her perfume line.

She reflected on her time as a student, where she consistently ranked at the bottom of her class academically.

Makinwa recalled a specific incident where she attempted to alter her exam score by using correction fluid to change her ranking from 52nd out of 52 students to 2nd.

However, her mother found out about this deception and reprimanded her sternly.

Her mother consistently woke her up at night to motivate her to prioritize her studies.

As a result, she realized that this experience helped her gain a better understanding of herself and work towards achieving personal goals.

She said;

“Another incident that shaped my life, I was always at the bottom of my class. There was this time we were like 52 in the class, and I came 52, and a part of me thought I was smart, and I cleaned the 5 and left the 2.

I was going home to show my parents that finally, after being bottom of the class, I came second, and when they looked at the report card, they flogged me. She didn’t spare my behind because she was frustrated.

I remember when I was feeling ashamed and down, this was the same woman who believed in me and would wake me in the night, telling me to read. Mummy, I know I came last in class, but today, Mummy, I launched a perfume line”.

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