Lucky Udu Begs Nigerians to Help Struggling ‘Ma Bebe’ Hitmaker, Sky B (Video)

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Lucky Udu, a well-known figure in the media, has made a plea to the Nigerian public to extend their support to Sky B, a veteran singer.

It is worth mentioning that Sky B enjoyed immense popularity in the mid-2000s with his chart-topping track, ‘Ma Bebe’.

Regrettably, the singer is currently facing hardships and is unable to afford a basic necessity like a phone.

Udu expressed his concern by stating:

“How many of you remember this musician? 
Wait till you hear the reason he sang those songs, I almost cried. He lost the love of his life actually.
Sky B doesn’t have access to his songs anymore. He went viral and a record label signed him and later abandoned him. He has never received any royalties from his music.
The world left him behind, he has five kids now and they all stay in a self contained apartment (one room, kitchen and toilet).
Life is really difficult for him right now and he’s asking God to help him get a talent manager or a feature from any artist to bring him back. He has lots of songs (interesting ones actually). Interview drops tomorrow morning.
Pls let’s share and help him bounce back. He doesn’t have a phone and has not been on the internet. I’m getting him a phone today and I’ll tag him in the next video. Honestly people are going through hell.
I’m still committed to traveling the states of Nigeria telling the stories of underrepresented people, people who are doing impressive things but are going unnoticed, talented people and inspiring story. 
Just got him the phone (169k) In a couple of minutes, I’ll tag his social media accounts. They’re trying to retrieve it for him.
Apparently I left PortHacourt to Lagos this morning after filming him. I have another story to cover here.”
Watch video:

In other news, Lawan Jeminat, a Nigerian woman, has experienced a life-changing turn of events after facing online mockery regarding her shop.

Thanks to the generosity of Ola of Lagos and other compassionate individuals who came together to offer donations, she has become a millionaire overnight.

Jeminat, known on Tiktok as @mhidey22123, shared a video showcasing her new shop and attributed its success to God.

However, this achievement was met with criticism from numerous internet users in the comments section, who pointed out the limited stock of goods in her shop.

The criticism resulted in Jeminat being subjected to ridicule and mockery in the comments. Fortunately, kind-hearted Nigerians, including Ola of Lagos, stepped in to provide financial assistance.

In a recent video, the grateful business owner expressed her heartfelt appreciation to everyone who contributed to her financial support.

Jeminat disclosed that her bank account, which previously held a meager sum of slightly over N20,000, now boasts an impressive amount of over N1,300,000.

In her words;
“I want to use this medium to express my heartfelt gratitude to @Ola of Lagos @GossipMillNaija and to all the people God use to support me 🙏🏻. Thank you so much for your generous financial and motivational support.
“You have truly exceeded my expectations and inspired me beyond measure. May God never forsake you and your love ones🙏🏻😍❤️ God will listen and answer all your heart desire in Jesus name.”
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