“I’ll Never Marry A Man Who Can’t Afford A Cook” – BBNaija Star Doyin

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Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David, also known as Doyin, a former BNaija star, has sparked a discussion online regarding her preferences regarding marriage, specifically regarding the affordability of hiring a cook.

In a recent episode, Doyin had Twitter personality Daniel Regha as a guest, who shared his thoughts on the matter.

During their conversation, Daniel Regha emphasized the importance of cooking as a fundamental skill for everyone.

He argued that while both genders should possess cooking skills, it holds particular significance for a wife to have these abilities and pass them on to her children.

In response, Doyin expressed her perspective that she would opt to have a cook once she is married.

This led Daniel Regha to highlight the potential challenge of marrying someone who could not afford such a luxury.

Doyin firmly responded, stating that she would not consider marrying a man who couldn’t afford a cook.

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Read some comments below:

@DeewayBoy said: “This girl just dull anyhow”

@pabloLIGHT01 said: “That’s why you won’t marry , you would remain single”

@tinugrills said: “I believe they say these things on purpose”

@McBluetoothCCFR said: “I love how she has accepted that she will remain forever single
It’s so fascinating to watch”

@MissEllieTweets said: “Didn’t she just ask for catering schools in Lagos?

@PACESETTER80674 said: “Chef and Cook Na two different profession, hope she knows??”

In other news, Doyin David, an ex-BBNaija housemate has sided with men who demand for a DNA test.

She noted that while it is hard for a guy to seek a DNA test from his spouse, it is acceptable given the high occurrence of paternity fraud.

She stated that it is not wrong for a man to ask for it. Given the recent examples of paternity fraud, there has been an online debate over DNA tests for several weeks.

Doyin noted in an Instagram post that, given the high occurrence of paternity fraud, fathers have the right to seek DNA testing and be faced with the dilemma of fathering a kid who is not appropriate for them.

The reality television personality also stated that requests for DNA tests should not provoke emotional responses.

She wrote this:

 “It’s not a bad thing for your partner to request for DNA test. If he wants to take care of a child that isn’t his, let it be his decision to do that intentionally not because he thinks he’s the father. The rate of paternity fraud is too high for you to think emotionally if your partner asks for a DNA test. It’s a painful request but it’s understandable.”

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