I’m Receiving Death Threats For Berating Wizkid – Nasboi Cries Out

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Nasboi, a well-known skit maker and singer, has made a plea for assistance. He expressed his distress over receiving death threats after criticizing Wizkid for shading Don Jazzy.

This came after Nasboi called out Wizkid for mocking Don Jazzy during a recent social media outburst on the Bahd And Boujee Podcast.

During an interview with Cool FM, the content creator revealed that he has been facing threats to his life since his appearance on the podcast.

He said:
“It’s like once you’re a celebrity, you do not have an opinion. But you, who is a normal guy on the street, you have an opinion. You can decide to say you love Wizkid over Davido and that’s okay. And me, who’s a normal guy who is a celebrity, shouldn’t have the same privilege?
“Because of what I said on my recent podcast interview. It’s a simple question: Do you think Wizkid offended Don Jazzy with his statement? They asked me a direct question and I think yes. For calling him an influencer, I feel like the context wasn’t okay. I would feel bad. And because of what I said about WizKid, somebody is in my DM saying I will die like my brother.”

In other news, Sarah Martins took to social media to express her emotions and shed light on countless women’s hidden struggles in their marriages.

Through her heartfelt message, she vividly portrayed the anguish and neglect experienced by numerous devoted wives.

She emphasized that while some husbands may seek temporary satisfaction outside of their marriage, they often overlook their wives’ emotional and physical needs.

Sarah Martins urged these men to cease their pursuits and revive the companionship that once thrived in their relationship.

She proposed that even if the intensity of love has faded, the remaining embers of friendship can still offer solace and affection.

Sarah brought attention to a problematic pattern, stating that more and more married women are seeking fulfillment through alternative methods due to their husbands’ actions or lack thereof.

Sarah passionately appealed to men to provide the love and attention that their wives truly deserve. She refuted the common justification of feeling isolated within a marriage, encouraging men to actively engage and be attentive partners within their households.

Furthermore, she implored men to rekindle the intimate bond with their wives, reminding them that they are still the same person their wives fell deeply in love with.

In her words:

“Some women are going through a lot in their marriages…
Some men can sleep with 20 different women in a day but finds it difficult to touch their own wives.

These are women you once wooed and won their hearts and then proceeded to making them your better half.

What changed???
Can you just pause and rekindle your friendship???
Where love fails, friendship comes in.

Some married women are currently addicted to se# toys because that’s what their husbands have subjected them to.

Dear men, your wives needs attention and care too, slow down with the popular dm lies “I’m lonely in my marriage “ na lie!
Oga na u dey ghost madam inside that house…

Touch your wife today, remind her you re still the man she fell in love with before another man begin chop your investment!”.

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