Social Media Users Slam Queeneth Hilbert Over Raunchy Movie Scene, She Reacts (Video)

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Queeneth Hilbert, a well-known Nigerian actress, has recently faced criticism on Instagram for a provocative movie scene she shared on her page.

In the video, the actress can be seen twerking energetically on a man while surrounded by a small group of people at what appears to be a party.

As the scene progresses, more individuals join in, and Queeneth and the man continue their provocative dance.

This video has sparked significant feedback from fans and fellow celebrities, who have expressed their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Watch video:


See reactions below;

@Davidakajiku: “Queeneth i don’t know what to tell you if your son come in contact with this what will be your talk to him”.

@Ruthyylovyyyy: “Thought u are married ma ,no be every role u supposed d act na”.

@Blue_quing: “What about your child ma what if he sees it ?”.

She was reacting to a comment from a netizen who questioned her about the possibility of her child watching the clip. The actress vehemently affirmed that her son has seen worse and he understands that it’s her job.

In her words:

“@bleu_qing He has seen worse and he understands my Job let’s discuss about money please!”

Nollywood actress Queeneth Hilbert has publicly expressed her strong disapproval of a well-known Ghanaian prophet’s recent prediction about her death.

Taking to her social media platform, the actress passionately voiced her outrage in a video, vehemently rejecting the prophet’s prophecy and issuing severe curses against him for making such a prediction.

In the video, she strongly condemned the prophet’s prophecy, accusing him of causing distress and spreading false information.

Agitated, Queeneth Hilbert unleashed a barrage of curses towards the clergyman, vehemently denying the validity of his prophecy.

Recall that Okorie had claimed that Mercy is involved in diabolism and witchcraft which is the reason many of her friends in the entertainment industry are not progressing.

Okorie also made staggering allegations against Mercy Johnson’s mother.

Angela Okorie wrote:

“Time up!!!
Time up 4 the killings!
Time up for the blood sucking demons!
Time up for evil doers in nollywood!
Time up for mercy J After this prayers
I pray some of you don’t turn to Goat 🥹 Cos I don’t know why she is turning into a goat instead of Snake 🐍
God abeg o

Ife neme kwa nu uwa
Jesus 😭😭😭😭😭
How you go just tey tey tey people like that
Now your mama wey tey you and people together don die wetin people go do now wey your mama don pack people destiny die,
Hmmm God abeg o

As God is revealing
Things if una like make una believe if una like make una no believe,just pray to God to open your spiritual eyes to see how all this evil people tie tie people destiny,
This weekend will be hot I promise you fam
The only thing I ask of you is continuous prayers,
The kingdom of darkness is shaking already, we are going to loose every strong hold,killing or holding innocent lives in captivity We are going to pull them down, remember for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities of this world.

Today I will bring somer on live that will shock everybody,
This world is wicked, Nollywood is time for liberation
While we come on live, the world will be praying too Cos God is about to librate so many people that their glory have been covered for so many years, say amen if you believe.


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