Sanwo-Olu Meets Lady Who Drove From London to Lagos (Photo)

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Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has had a meeting with Pelumi Nubi, a Nigerian lady who accomplished the remarkable feat of driving from London to Lagos.

Nubi, who is a travel content creator, embarked on this solo journey in a Peugeot 107 to showcase West Africa to a global audience.

At the age of 28, she hopes that her expedition will serve as an inspiration for young women to take on seemingly impossible challenges.

Upon her arrival in Lagos, Nubi expressed her appreciation for the warm reception she received.

Her words:
“I feel elated and amazing. I knew I would have a homecoming, but I didn’t envision this size. The journey was ‘up-and-down’, but to see the warm welcome from so many has been incredible.
“I was trying to connect the two places I consider home. I was born in Lagos and I grew up in London, so I wanted to connect both. Usually, I would fly in, but most times, I wanted to see what West Africa is like and this was an opportunity. In terms of overland travel, there was not enough representation.
“There were not enough people that looked like me. This would inspire young women that they can do daring things, they can step out of their comfort zone and change the narrative of the African continent. This journey is opening up the world to other people to visit the continent.
“It was challenging. Having to do it was challenging. However, the cheering from my online family which grew from 10,000 to more than 200,000 motivated me. I am so grateful to everyone and I do not take it all for granted.”

Nubi’s father, Prof. Nubi Gbenga, expressed thanks and gratitude to the Almighty for her daughter’s safety.
He said:
“Many times, we were scared. For me, I was scared every day, particularly when she was sleeping, because she was sleeping on the roadside in this tiny car (Peugeot 107). In the desert, she slept by the roadside, and woke up in the morning in a forest. When she moved to another town, we would start praying again. For us, it’s been two months of sleepless nights.”

Recall that, Pelumi Nubi was seen in tears after being denied entry to Sierra Leone. The lady had some months ago begun a single trip from London, United Kingdom, to Lagos, Nigeria.

However, Pelumi informed her over 40,000 Instagram followers on Tuesday that the country’s officials refused to allow her entry, stating that “right-handed drives” are not permitted in Sierra Leone.

She wrote:

“Access was denied so close to the finish line and I’m facing a tide of challenges that feels relentless. Each border crossing, a battle against multiple red tapes. This time Sierra Leone, they don’t want my ‘right-hand’ drive car to come into their country.
“This is a call to all my virtual family, to send words of encouragement because your support truly means so much to me, and I hope they let me in. For now we are here waiting for some good news.”
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