Netizens React As Bobrisky Donates Chairs To Kirikiri Prison

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Bobrisky, a well-known crossdresser and influential personality on social media, has recently made a charitable gesture by donating plastic chairs to enhance the visitor area of Kirikiri prison, where he is currently serving a six-month sentence.

Despite his controversial reputation, Bobrisky, whose actual name is Idris Okuneye, became famous for his extravagant way of life and prominent online presence.

Nevertheless, Bobrisky has recently encountered legal issues as he admitted to misusing the Nigerian currency, the Naira, resulting in his incarceration at the Kirikiri prison.

However, amidst his legal troubles, Bobrisky has shown a compassionate side by reportedly contributing plastic chairs to improve the amenities at the NCoS Kirikiri prison.

A viral photo circulating on the internet displays the donated plastic chairs, with a caption crediting Bobrisky for the generous gesture.

This unforeseen act of philanthropy has ignited a flurry of responses and conversations on various social media platforms.

See comments below;

Ebisikejr said: “He has a kind heart. God sent him there”

Dr Promise alleged: “They’re about to release shim on good behavior. That’s the reason for this thoughtful PR”

Graduate stated: “That’s won’t make them to pardon him/her ( bobrisky)”

Diji O said: “He’ll most likely be out between a month or 6 weeks on good behavior.”

GHOST said: “Werey no see chair for her BBL she sharply donate”

Inzaghi wrote: “This guy no dey prison on God”

In other news, The Nigeria Correctional Service (NCoS) has denied reports circulating that Bobrisky, a popular social media personality, has been transferred from Ikoyi Custodial Center to Kirikiri Maximum Prison in Lagos State.

Bobrisky, who was recently sentenced to six months in prison for allegedly abusing naira notes, was rumored to have been quietly moved to Kirikiri Prison over the weekend to serve the rest of his term.

However, an official from the NCoS, speaking anonymously due to protocol restrictions, informed PUNCH Metro on Thursday that Bobrisky is still being held at the Ikoyi prison.

The anonymous official clarified that Bobrisky’s offense does not fall under capital crimes, which would typically require transfer to a maximum-security prison where inmates serving life or death sentences are housed.

“Bobrisky has not been moved, he is still here in Ikoyi. He was not sentenced to death and didn’t get a life sentence either. Those people sentenced to death and given life sentences are mostly kept in the maximum prison.”

“That is mostly based on capital punishment. As for Bobrisky, he didn’t commit a capital offence, so why would they take him to Kirikiri,” the source stated.

A different official, who chose to remain anonymous, stated that talks regarding the relocation of certain prisoners between correctional facilities in the state were in progress. However, it was emphasized that no such transfers had taken place as of yet.

“Sometimes, when we discover that the population of inmates is much in a facility, we decide to move them just to decongest. We are only considering that at the moment and not that anyone has been moved.

“If the prison authorities want to move, they have the right. We also do so if the person has a communicable disease or because the inmate requested it for proximity to the family or an appeal on humanitarian grounds.

“The leadership might also say, ‘Let’s spread those who have less than one year sentence’, which may apply to Bobrisky, just to create space for those awaiting trial. But such people rarely go to the maximum prison,” the source disclosed.

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