“Doyin And Clout” – Netizens Reacts To Video Of Doyin Using Fork And Knife To Slice Tomato

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BBNaija reality star, Doyin, has caused quite a stir online with a video that recently surfaced on social media. In the video, which was shared on Doyin’s Snapchat account, she can be seen using a rather unconventional method to slice tomatoes.

Instead of the traditional way of using just a knife, Doyin decided to use a fork and knife combination. Holding one end of the tomato with a fork, she skillfully sliced it with a knife.

Throughout the video, she playfully asked viewers to overlook her unorthodox culinary technique, jokingly claiming that she is still “wife material.”

However, instead of receiving praise or amusement, Doyin’s unique approach to tomato slicing has sparked a wave of criticism and mockery from netizens.

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People wasted no time in expressing their opinions about her unusual method. Numerous individuals expressed their astonishment in the comments regarding Doyin’s approach, with a few doubting her cooking abilities and qualifications as a spouse.

Read some comments below:

@Simplyadam: “So pretending not knowing how to do the basic things properly is now a flex wow!!!! 😒”.

@Lady_ehioma: So she is proud that she failed her mum?”

@Ayam_kelvin13: “Doyin and clout… this hustle to stay relevant is real 😏”.

@Princeragnor: This girl na one of the worst mistakes of BBN ..”.

@Marthasays: “You will think she is from a rich home with the way she acts when it comes to being domesticated.. funny enough the kind of guys she wants.. don’t want her😂”

@Iyamucross: “Wait did somebody actually said this thing is her role model smh”

In other news, She noted that while it is hard for a guy to seek a DNA test from his spouse, it is acceptable given the high occurrence of paternity fraud.She stated that it is not wrong for a man to ask for it. Given the recent examples of paternity fraud, there has been an online debate over DNA tests for several weeks.

Doyin noted in an Instagram post that, given the high occurrence of paternity fraud, fathers have the right to seek DNA testing and be faced with the dilemma of fathering a kid who is not appropriate for them.

The reality television personality also stated that requests for DNA tests should not provoke emotional responses.

She wrote this:

 “It’s not a bad thing for your partner to request for DNA test. If he wants to take care of a child that isn’t his, let it be his decision to do that intentionally not because he thinks he’s the father.

The rate of paternity fraud is too high for you to think emotionally if your partner asks for a DNA test. It’s a painful request but it’s understandable.”

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