Carter Efe’s Girlfriend Reveals How She Feels When People Call Him Ugly (Video)

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Nuella has confronted individuals who label her partner, Carter Efe, as unattractive.

She expresses discomfort whenever she encounters such remarks from people or stumbles upon them in his comment section.

During an interview, she openly praised his good looks, emphasizing that Carter is an exceptionally handsome man.

Nuella further mentioned that she occasionally feels intimidated when he dresses up to go out.

Watch video:


Some reactions to the video below
iamnasboi wrote: “Lol you’ve actually not seen Carter in person. Very sweet black boy”
omalichawa__ asked: “No be the Carter we dey see so? Abi it’s another Carter she is talking about”
haroldwonder reacted: “He don use spit cover her eyes 🥲”
healthertainer stated: “She didn’t lie. When not in his craze character, he is cute. Let’s not lie na”
softgirlajebo added: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, no be for my eyes Abeg 😂😂”
b_unique claimed: “He’s a fine man actually, especially when he smiles. She loves him and that’s all that matters 👏❤️”
cecilia__remi advised: “See just have money guys 😂 If he was a random broke guy on the mainland it’ll be a different talk”

In other news,  Oluwabamishe Abioro, the Nigerian singer, also known as Young Duu, has recently addressed the controversy surrounding his alleged feud with popular skit maker Efe Oderhohwo, known as Carter Efe.

Following their music collaboration on the hit song ‘Oyinmo’, Young Du accused Efe of dishonesty.

However, Efe clarified in a statement to Saturday Beats that there were no conflicts between them. He mentioned that he had already communicated with Young Du and that everything was resolved amicably.

Efe said:

“Young Duu and I do not have any issues. I reached out to him and asked him why he was spoiling (tarnishing) my image, but he said he wasn’t doing so. Rather, it was all part of promoting our song, ‘Oyinmo’.

“I was paid for the show where I performed the song alone. I performed ‘Machala’, and when ‘Oyinmo’ was played, I initially did not want to perform it, but I did it as a way of promoting the song.”

However, in a recent interview with HipTV, Young Duu gave further insight into the situation.

He claims that he received no monetary compensation for the now-popular song with Carter Efe.

He replied:

“After dropping the song, I saw that Olamide posted about it, and I was happy. In fact, I received a lot of calls asking to be signed to their label. I felt like going with Carter Efe, and that was why when he called me for the collaboration, I responded.

“After recording and shooting the video for the song, I did not hear from him again. A few months passed before I reached out to him. He asked for my account number, claiming he would give me N500,000. To date, he has not given me the money, and he has not taken me to any show.”

He went on to say that he raised concerns on social media because Efe treated him with contempt and the public believed he was suddenly wealthy but selfish.

“The reason I raised alarm on the matter online is that everyone thinks I’m a millionaire. Whenever I reached out to Carter, how he responded was like I’m a nobody. That was why I raised the alarm online on the matter because I felt like a fool. People would not understand. They would be thinking that I’m a stingy person.

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