Toyin Lawani Criticizes Nana Akua Addo Over Clash With Alleged Designer Of Her AMVCA Outfit

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Fashion stylist Toyin Lawani, also known as Tiannah, has criticized Ghanaian actress Nana Akua Oddo for her dispute with Ezinne Olivia regarding designing the actress’ outfit for the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA).

Nana threatened to take legal action against Ezinne after she claimed to have created the dress but was not given credit.

In a cease and desist letter, Nana’s lawyers requested that Ezinne remove the defamatory posts and issue an apology, which would be published in two national newspapers within 48 hours.

Sharing her opinion, Toyin Lawani took to Instagram and expressed that Nana should have hired a professional tailor who wouldn’t expect social media recognition after being paid for their services.

The 42-year-old individual mentioned that even though payment was made for the service provided, there was no issue with giving credit to the fashion designer.

She further stated that public figures such as Nana could compensate Ezinne and acknowledge her on social media as it would benefit her business, emphasizing that “we rise by lifting others.”

Toyin Lawani expressed this sentiment in various segments.

Toyin Lawani wrote in parts:

“Atimes we don’t expect them to run the service for free, some might not even have the money to do what you want, if that inner wear was gucci there’s no way they wouldn’t have been tagged.

“Next time NANA should get a professional tailor to run the service (that won’t feel entitled cause that’s their job they are not designers, they just follow instructions and help u bring out ur ideas) and get her stylist to do the work.

“This girl is a young designer that will by all means want to affiliate with that dress, cause styling it wasn’t easy, she was very wrong to have claimed she designed the dress at lst without clarifying what and what services she offered exactly, We saw proof she didn’t do the 3d which was mostly the main structure of the dress, She would have stated she built the inner dress and helped styled. So this caused why everyone went after the Nana babe, But let’s all do better, That’s we pay people for service doesn’t mean we can’t tag them, We rise by lifting one another.

“We all can do better with a little support by tagging when possible, ontop I still feed everyone on my set. Well except the girl had a nasty attitude towards work then will not tag her.”

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