Reactions As US-Based Model Mistakenly Posts An Intimate Photo With Davido

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Bonita Maria, a model based in the United States, has faced severe backlash online after mistakenly sharing a photo of herself and Afrobeat star Davido in an intimate pose. The photo, which quickly went viral, shows Bonita taking a selfie with Davido standing behind her, his hands wrapped around her neck while pecking her.

This incident has not been the first of its kind, leading netizens to express their outrage and question whether Davido can truly remain faithful to his wife, Chioma Rowland.

The controversy surrounding Davido’s fidelity was further fueled by Anita Brown, another American model who claimed to be carrying his child when Davido and Chioma lost their son, Ifeanyi.

Anita Brown had recently purchased a ticket for Davido’s concert, adding to the turmoil.

As a result, numerous fans and netizens have voiced their disapproval, expressing their disappointment with the cozy photo and the allegations surrounding Davido’s personal life.

The photo and the reactions it has garnered can be seen below.

Read some comments:

SammySammy said: “This one is Bonita. Davido seems to love all the “**nita” 😂😂

chyddo wrote: Its either you want to be married or just be a baby daddy like most of these celebrities, embarrassing your wife from time to time is really annoying and some people will tag her understanding wife and titles that bittle her, she deserves better than this, fix up.

faithytrip wrote: Chioma won’t still leave him, you people should rest!

aji_anje wrote: It’s an old picture, Davido’s hairline has come forward that was last year biko

anezi wrote: David…. We the defenders club will let you handle this one. We are exhausted😂 

osas said: “Traveling from country to country all in the name of show. Not telling you guys he’s going to vist his wives in every state”

Rossie said: “I thought Davido has changed? I just hope they don’t use woman and bum bum to carry him away. He’s just stressing out dear Chioma 😐

Talk2veee said: “It is not a mistake .. She needs it for publicity. Anyway, chioma knows what she signed up for”

In other news, Davido characterized being a father of twins as the nicest feeling he’s ever had, claiming that the love and fulfillment he feels is beyond words.

The musician added that despite early misgivings and fears, he and his wife Chioma have accepted their position as twin parents with open hearts.

He claimed that at first, some were doubtful about parenting twins, claiming that it would be a difficult task; nevertheless, the truth has been very different, as he proudly expressed that his twins are blessed and do not cry.

Davido expresses thanks for everything. He considers his twins’ birth a great blessing; their tranquil temperament and rapid growth have made parenting a pleasure.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Davido stated:

“I remember when they came, everybody was calling like, ‘They have twins, blah, blah, blah. It’s gonna be hard.’ But, my twins are blessed. They don’t even cry.

“They’re just calm and they’re just growing so fast. It’s just a blessing. Thank God for everything really”.

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