My Mother Was R3ped As A Teenager – Brymo

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Brymo, the singer known for his controversial nature, has recently shared a significant revelation about his mother.

According to him, his mother had experienced a traumatic incident of rape during her teenage years, which resulted in her menstrual cycle ceasing.

During a sincere conversation with Chude Jideonwo, Brymo disclosed that his parents had been desperately seeking a solution by visiting various spiritual houses, unaware that his mother was already pregnant despite not having her period for years.

Brymo further elaborated that his mother’s bravery in reporting her abuser has been a source of inspiration for him, teaching him the importance of courage.

He said:
 “The story surrounding my birth and the entire family is weird. There are always mysteries.
“There is a story of my mum, she had a traumatic experience, a s3xual experience as a teenage girl. It was a r3pe incident. And for some weird reasons, she didn’t see her period anymore afterwards. And that kept on like that for three years or so till she met my dad.
“While they were taking her round herbalists and doctors, and pastors and imams, wherever they could go, so she could start bleeding, a woman needed to see her period before she could get pregnant, well, it happened that she was already pregnant, five months in and there was no blood. So, that was strange right? I had to kick for her to know that a child was there.
“While everyone was giving her medicine to drink, they were trying to force an abortion without knowing [laughs].”
In other news, Simisola Kosoko, the renowned singer, also known as Simi, has finally responded to the flirtatious remarks made by her colleague, Brymo, and producer-turned-blogger, Samklef.It is worth recalling that Brymo caused quite a stir last year when he openly admitted to demanding sexual favors from Simi while she was still unmarried, as a condition for collaborating on music with her.

Simi, however, rejected his proposition, leading Brymo to decline any collaboration with her.

Similarly, the controversial producer, Samklef, recently confessed that he had feelings for Simi during their struggling artist days.

He clarified that he refrained from pursuing her romantically because he wanted to maintain a professional relationship.

During a recent interview with Angela Yee, Simi expressed her response to the statements made by Brymo and Samklef, emphasizing that she found no significance in their words and therefore couldn’t regard them seriously.

The singer, who is also a mother, admitted to feeling perplexed by their rhetoric and viewed their actions as nothing more than comedic.

She said:

“I don’t know what these people [Brymo and Samklef] are going on about. The funny thing is that these are two different people and I don’t know why they keep talking about me like that. When you even look at what they’re saying, you can’t even pick out anything. I’m still confused.

“I just feel like it doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t change anything. My husband is speaking out for me, is he fighting for his woman as he would.

I don’t feel anything about this. It doesn’t impact me. I don’t have anything to hide. If you’re going to post that you asked me out and so what? Or that I had an ex [laughs]. The whole thing to me, is more comedy than anything else.”

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