Remarry After Mohbad’s One-Year Remembrance, Ignore Those Asking for DNA –  Isaac Fayose To Wunmi (Video)

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Isaac Fayose, the brother of former Ekiti governor Ayodele Fayose, has revealed to Wunmi, late wife of singer Mohbad when to remarry.

She urged her to remarry after mourning her late husband for one year.

He advised her to disregard any negative comments and criticisms. Isaac directly addressed Wunmi in a video message, advising her to ignore those suggesting she should undergo a DNA test to confirm her son Liam’s paternity.

Isaac suggested that Wunmi should seek out a suitable partner and consider remarrying after the one-year remembrance of Mohbad. Isaac emphasized that life must go on, even after the loss of a loved one, as everyone’s path is unique.

You can view his message in the video provided below.

In other news, Wunmi, the late singer’s widow has stormed social media to debunk a claim made against her late husband by her sister, Karimot. Karimot had taken to social media to make a claim against Mohbad.

While criticizing Mohbad’s father for his demands for DNA, Karimot claimed that Mohbad was continually infecting Wunmi with sexually transmitted infections, which she treated with medication.

She slammed Nigerians who are clamoring for DNA testing, noting how many of them are in marriages where their partner is giving them STDs, and pledged to contact the US government if anything happened to Omowunmi and her baby.

Debunking her story, Wunmi first thanked the public for supporting her and her kid, revealing that they are the reason she and her son are still alive.

She asked the public to help her maintain her husband’s great memories, describing him as a nice and caring guy whom she would marry again and again.

Wunmi made it clear that she had never told anybody that her late spouse had given her an STD, belonged to a cult, was on drugs, or had physically harmed her.

She did, however, acknowledge that people love her and want to protect her, which she appreciates.

She wrote:

“Dear all,

I would like to appreciate everyone who stood by my son and I. You are the reason we are still breathing in this trying moment.

I would like to urge you all to please preserve the lovely memory of my husband. My husband was a good and loving man and I would marry him over and over again.

I have never personally at any time told anyone that my husband gave me STDs, belonged to a cult, on drugs and neither have I told anyone he beats me.
I know you all love me and want to defend Liam and I, we truly appreciate it

I’m alive to take the blame, pressure, accusations, and curses. Sadly, my husband can’t defend himself. I love my husband, even in death I still honor him. If you love me, please respect the memory of my husband. My own Nigga, my defender, the shoulder I lean on, my friend, my Ileriouluwa is a Good man. He was good to us, his family and friends.

Liam, our son would grow up to read and see everything about his father (Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba) and u want him to be proud of his father’s legacy.

Thank you very much again for your unwavering love toward Mohbad, Liam and I. God bless you more and more”.

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