“Sometimes Most Broken Marriages Produce The Strongest Individuals” – Charly Boy Responds To AY’s Shattered Marriage

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Charles Oputa, also known as Charly Boy or Area Fada has warned Nigerians to leave comedian AY and his family alone.

This is as he shared his thoughts on AY’s failed marriage on his Instagram page.

He urged people to refrain from judging the comedian, emphasizing that not all divorces signify failure. He believes that sometimes, the end of a marriage can lead to personal growth and self-discovery.

Charly Boy also pointed out that enduring a 20-year marriage like AY and Mabel’s is no easy feat. He concluded by stating that those who have never made mistakes should speak up.

He wrote:

Abegi make una leave AY alone.

It is not always true that a broken marriage is a reflection of failure, but rather an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Sometimes the most broken marriages produce the strongest individuals.
20yrs no bi beans.
Una Well done.

AY, edi ok.
It’s unfortunate but shit happens. Who never fuckup raise ur hands”.

Charly Boy weighs in on Ayo Makun's marital crisis

Etikonaija reported that AY had officially announced the conclusion of his nearly two-decade-long relationship with Mabel Makun. The renowned comedian expressed remorse for losing the home he had spent almost 20 years building and also acknowledged engaging in compromising actions during the marriage.

Despite this, he cautioned against spreading false narratives about himself and his family, which he deemed harmful to his teenage daughter.

Suggesting a potential fault on his wife’s part, Ayo Makun asserted that no one is entirely blameless and claimed that “women always portray themselves as victims and emerge victorious.”

His wife, Mabel, also confirmed the breakdown of their marriage by sharing a cryptic message, indicating that she responds to disrespect by creating distance and avoiding unnecessary drama.

The accusations gathered traction after Mabel Makun expressed anxiety about threats to her life and unfollowed her husband on Instagram. In a recent development, AY Makun appeared to corroborate the reports about their breakup.

He publicly admitted his flaws, admitting to causing harm to a relationship and a marriage that had lasted two decades. Mabel Makun responded to her husband’s insults by posting a telling footage on her Instagram page.

Mabel includes the following statement:

“Distance is my new response to disrespect. I don’t react. I don’t argue, I don’t dive into the drama. I simply remove myself.”

Speculations had been circulating online for several weeks regarding the couple’s separation. Netizens began to notice discrepancies in their relationship after Mabel posted various cryptic messages earlier in the year, expressing distress over mental abuse and threats to her safety. Etikonaija observed that the couple briefly unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The growing rift between the couple became more apparent when Mabel refrained from promoting Merry Men 3, a departure from her usual supportive behavior towards her husband’s endeavors. Additionally, her absence at certain family events, particularly his sister Morenike’s wedding over the weekend, further indicated their strained relationship.

AY’s concise birthday message to his wife, lacking in romantic sentiment, raised further questions.

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