My Marriage Of 20 Years Is Slipping Off My Hands – Comedian AY Makun Confirms Marital Crisis

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Ayo Makun aka AY, a well-known comedian and actor, has confirmed that his marriage has crashed.

He took to his Instagram page to make the sad revelation about his marriage to his estranged wife, Mabel.

Speculations have been circulating about the couple facing challenges in their relationship. AY took to his Instagram page on Sunday evening to confirm that their 20-year marriage is currently facing difficulties.

He acknowledged that both he and his wife are responsible for the issues that have arisen in their union.

Despite the false information being spread by various blogs, AY expressed his intention to share his side of the story in due time.

He wrote:

”Many people believe that staying silent simply means that one is incapable of dealing with issues. Projecting a negative narrative against someone who is not struggling to defend himself doesn’t mean he is weak. Some of us are just logical enough to understand the difference between opinions, values, beliefs, and facts.

The personality and ability that I possess simply confirm that i have reached that stage in my life where I can not be entertaining the public with deep personal family issues. They just might be too much to handle concerning the individuals involved. Not even when I have a grown-up daughter who has access to social media. Her mental health needs to be protected from seeing things she can not be proud of online.

Yes! Without compromising my family, i have found myself doing some things that i am not proud of today. It is one thing to watch my friendship/ marriage of 20 years slip off my hands, but it’s another thing for the parties involved to understand how to appropriate the blames in a space that is designed for most women to always play the victims and win. I can tell you for free that no one is completely INNOCENT enough to cast stones.

Presently, i am loving the way that lies about me in all these blogs are traveling faster than the truth. But my painful truth will eventually beat away all the lies.”

During his AY Live program, the comic stated that he had no remorse for supporting Peter Obi’s 2023 presidential campaign.

However, he stated that his issues began when he endorsed Peter Obi. He revealed that following the elections, he lost his home, got into an enormous dispute with Davido and Seun Kuti, and almost lost his marriage.

To emphasize his point, AY Makun singled out former Kogi state gubernatorial candidate Dino Melaye. The politician was physically present throughout the show.

The comedian and father of two stated that Dino Melaye was quite loud and opinionated about government concerns before the elections. However, since losing his election in Kogi state, he has become extremely silent and no longer speaks out.

Recall that in the run-up to the 2023 elections, AY Makun asked Peter Obi to an interview on Instagram Live. During the conversation, the 2023 presidential hopeful spoke about his goals for the entertainment sector and young Nigerians if he wins the election.

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