Yemi Alade Slams Lagos State Government Over Recent Series of House Demolitions

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Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade has questioned the Lagos State government over the rise in the demolition of buildings in the state.

According to the singer, the government has become insensitive to the plight of the people, demolishing buildings and rendering many residents homeless.
She decried the rising frequency of these demolitions, mentioning Maryland as one example.

She expressed worry about the negative influence on the country’s real estate value and the loss of hope among residents whose little investments in a better life had been squandered.

She asked the administration to consider alternate options, emphasising the need of improving how such situations are addressed.

She said:

“Lagos State, what’s going on? Does it make sense that people will invest millions of naira and dollars into real estate; buy houses and lands and the state government will demolish the place and render people homeless overnight?

“This thing is happening repeatedly. Right now, Maryland, Mende area is on fire. People are sleeping in their houses, waking up the next day, homeless.

“You’re ruining the real estate value of the state and country, making people lose trust not only just in the idea of Nigeria but lose hope entirely in the little coins they saved to make their lives worthwhile. How is this okay? Why why?”

Read netizens comments below:

Olamide asked: “Why are they building houses for non approved sites?”

Ezeaka_Cjay said: “I’m sure they will all be compensated. I don’t believe the government will make people homeless like that without any compensation.”

sammyjay noted: “Building they demolished are either illegal built or are built on canals ,blame the real estate agents”

Big R said: “I just hope the government is settling those that are affected”

whestpaara reacted: “It’s so tiring making people homeless cus they want to construct roads”

TOSIN wrote: “She’s right, there’s always a better way to do things but the Lagos state government will always ignore that”

Watch video below:

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According to a source, the expelled soldier had a well-documented history of sexual misconduct before being reported to army officials.

His crime, indecent professional misconduct and having sex with a fellow soldier’s wife, violates Sections 79 and 93 of the Armed Forces Act CAP A20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

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The officer was seen in a recent photo posing with details of his offence spelt out on the cardboard sheet.

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