Actress Lizzy Anjorin Celebrates Daughter As She Turns 3

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Lizzy Anjorin, a well-known Nigerian actress, has recently shared on Instagram her joy in celebrating her daughter, Florida Lawal, who is turning three today.

She expressed how her daughter has brought blessings, strength, and motivation into her life ever since she was born.

She wrote;


I asked God for a Child but he rather gave me a Blessing

I asked God for a Child but he rather gave me my Source of Strength and motivation. There are times I wan to give up in the hustle and bustle of life challenges, but looking at you Obasetanmakufopinseganmi I see thousands of reasons not to quit because lot of things child your age can’t do, you do them effortlessly, is it your Strength, your intelligence, your smartness among other things you do which put smiles to my face.

Obasetanmakufopinseganmi you are a blessing to me, you are a blessing to your dad and you are a blessing to so many, you will continue to be a blessing and point of prayer to those looking for the fruit of the womb🙏🏾

I’m proud to call you mine

I’m proud you are and remain a blessing to me and your generation.

Happy 3rd year to my joy giver Obasetanmakufopinseganmi Abebi LAWAL

You’ve filled our hearts with immense joy and happiness in a mere span of 36 months. My heart swells with love every time I look at you. May you continue to shine and bring even more joy into our lives.”

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In other news, Nigerians have been left perplexed after Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo’s court notice was seen plastered on Lizzy Anjorin’s front gate.

Recall that the two have been fighting for months. Iyabo had sued Lizzy for defamation; sadly, Lizzy did not appear in court for their initial hearing.

Iyabo said that the court promised to serve the letter at her residence if she did not get it, and the court kept its word.

The court documents were seen plastered on Lizzy Anjorin’s house gate in pictures that circulated online.

Remember how Iyabo called Lizzy out on Monday of last week for failing to appear in court with the evidence that may have implicated her?

She said that the court would be giving her colleague another order and that the case had been postponed until April 10th. Iyabo also made fun of Lizzy by saying that the new order would be plastered all over her wall to remind her of the hearing date.

In reaction, Lizzy posted a video of herself on her Instagram profile, looking stunning in traditional clothing and giving a dubious look at Iyabo Ojo for calling her out.

Lizzy stated she would be dealing with a blackmailer who refused to go back to school and was uneducated and avaricious.

Iyabo Ojo posted a video of herself hilariously imitating and making fun of Lizzy Anjorin. Outraged by this, Lizzy proceeded to divulge some personal information about Iyabo Ojo and accuse her of being promiscuous.

Iyabo demanded a public apology from Lizzy in response to the charge, or else she would have to pay N500 million for her defamatory publication.

Iyabo recently said in an Instagram Live video that the internet would break down and many houses would break the day she decided to expose Lizzy.

Iyabo revealed that she would not be disclosing Lizzy’s personal information to prevent other homes from collapsing. The specifics include the day, time, and names of the persons involved.

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