Nigerian Woman Welcomes Baby After 15 Years

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A Nigerian woman recently welcomed a baby into the world after 15 years of marriage. She posted a heartwarming video of her newborn, which received an outpouring of congratulations from well-wishers.

The video has amassed over 64,000 likes, as well as numerous comments and shares on various social media platforms.

In the caption accompanying the video, she expressed gratitude to the Lord for blessing her family after such a long wait.

The video captures moments from her journey, including her in a white garment at a church before her pregnancy, and later in the same attire while carrying her baby.

It also shows her with a prominent baby bump, culminating in a glimpse of her adorable newborn.

Watch video:


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The heartwarming scene touches the hearts of social media users, who flooded the comment section of the post with well wishes and congratulations.

See some reactions below:

didioma937: “God am coming bk to testify is been 8 yrs ..bless my sis inlaw even if just one I dont want my uncle to bring in another woman from my mouth to God ear.”

y’allmeetbisola2: “I can’t wait for my mom to finally give my step dad a child I just want him to see him happy.”

SOMMA: “God pls remember my sister😭😭😭🙏🙏its been 8 yrs already please remember her.”

Aderounke08: “i pray God almighty will remeber my girl friend one day , I’m using this as a point of contact to God to bless my friend .amen. God bless d new bundle of joy.”

In other news, Nigerian Afrobeats king David Adeleke, often known as Davido, has spoken out about his unique experience as a parent of twins.

Contrary to many people’s assumptions, Davido stated that his trip has been immensely good.

Davido characterized being a father of twins as the nicest feeling he’s ever had, claiming that the love and fulfillment he feels is beyond words.

The musician added that despite early misgivings and fears, he and his wife Chioma have accepted their position as twin parents with open hearts.

He claimed that at first, some were doubtful about parenting twins, claiming that it would be a difficult task; nevertheless, the truth has been very different, as he proudly expressed that his twins are blessed and do not cry.

Davido expresses thanks for everything. He considers his twins’ birth a great blessing; their tranquil temperament and rapid growth have made parenting a pleasure.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Davido stated:

“I remember when they came, everybody was calling like, ‘They have twins, blah, blah, blah. It’s gonna be hard.’ But, my twins are blessed. They don’t even cry.

“They’re just calm and they’re just growing so fast. It’s just a blessing. Thank God for everything really”.

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