Davido’s Rumored Ex-side Chic Anita Brown Reacts To His Latest Cheating Accusations

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Anita Brown, the alleged former American side chick of Afrobeats star Davido, has taken to social media to address the circulating rumors of another alleged cheating scandal involving the singer.

Online reports suggested that Davido was involved in infidelity after a cozy photo of him and another woman surfaced accidentally.

Despite the woman who leaked the photo denying being the one pictured with Davido, Anita Brown shared her perspective on the issue on social media.

In a passionate post, she stated that Davido isn’t as well-known in the United States as some may believe.

Anita Brown claimed that many Americans only recently became familiar with him due to his latest album or controversies.

Additionally, Anita Brown criticized Davido for not prominently displaying his marital status on social media. She highlighted that he rarely shares about his wife and children, which could lead to confusion about his relationship status.

Anita Brown also condemned Davido’s fiancée, Chioma, accusing her of using a fake account to create the illusion of a happy family life.

In her post, Brown urged people to refrain from blaming the women involved in Davido’s alleged affairs, stressing that not everyone thoroughly investigates their partners before getting involved.

She argued that Davido should take more responsibility in clarifying his marital status and showing respect for his wife.

In her statement;

“Y’all Gotta Stop Acting Like Everybody Knows That Man Is Married. It’s So Many People In America Never Heard Of Him Until His Recent Album Or Because Of Drama. He Don’t Even Post His Wife. Celebs Like Clout, Why That Man Never Post His Wedding & His New Babies Or Post His Wife Enough For It To Be KNOWN. Y’all Gotta Stop Coming
For These Females, It’s Getting Old. Put Some More Emphasis On YOUR WIFE, That’s What Real Respectable Husbands Do

ENOUGH! THE POPULARITY IS NOT AS STRONG IN THE USA. Y’all Gotta Chill Every Girl Attached To That Guy Y’all Try To Come For. Weirdo Couples, Don’t Post On Her Real Page But On Another Page, To Make It Seem People Are Interested. Those Videos Are Getting Caught By Others. WEIRDOS! Every Girl Doesn’t Dig Into Every Guy Before They Deal With Them. THE MOST WE LOOKING UP IS THAT NETWORTH! KILL THE WIFE NARRATIVE!!”


In other news, Liz Anjorin, a popular Nollywood actress, has identified why singer Davido is not liked by his colleagues in the Nigerian music space.

She stated that the reason is because of his workaholic mentality, despite his privileged upbringing.

She praised Davido as the most industrious Nigerian singer, noting that his musical achievement cannot be attributed to his rich upbringing.

In a video message published on her social media profile, Ajorin stated, “You cannot tell me Davido became a superstar because of his wealthy father.” No musician is more diligent than Davido, despite his father’s wealth, which is why he has so many detractors.”

The movie actor chastised individuals who mock the musician for having a husky voice, emphasizing that despite his husky voice, he has accomplished so much in the music world.

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