Stop Talking About DNA Test – Shade Ladipo Warns Nigerian Men (Video)

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Media personality, Shade Ladipo has issued a warning to men to stop talking about DNA tests.

According to her, talking about DNA test causes distress to their partners.

She expressed this viewpoint during an episode of the Bahd and Boujee podcast alongside Tolani Baj and Moet Abebe.

According to her, many men tend to believe they are skilled at cheating and maintaining multiple relationships and offspring outside of their marriage.

Shade argues that despite men thinking they are successfully engaging in infidelity, women are often aware and may even retaliate.

While acknowledging that some women who commit paternity fraud may be unfaithful themselves, others do so in response to their husband’s infidelity.

She advises men to cease discussing DNA tests, as it serves as a consequence of the mistreatment of Nigerian women.

Watch the video of her statements below.

Recall that Shade Ladipo discussed how her marriage fell apart. In a recent interview, the Nigerian media figure shared intimate details.

Remember that in 2018, the radio host got married to Jide. However, Ladipo disclosed to Daddy Freeze during an Instagram live session that her marriage failed in 2020 as a result of not having s3x for six months.

She said that she and Jide lived in his brother’s house when they moved to Canada.

The radio personality claimed that “we were not able to communicate, function, or find our footing” when they were staying with her in-laws.

Ladipo claimed that after six months of living there, she left the residence, leaving her ex-husband behind who insisted on staying as “he had debts.”

She said that their formal divorce was finalized in 2020 as a result of their natural separation.

“The biggest issue in Canada is the cold. When we landed we landed in in-law’s house. We could not have s3x in my in-laws house. Like six months in my in-laws’ house. I am telling you,” she said.
“The plan was we were going to be in the in-laws house for six months. We are not able to reduce the tension. We were not able to communicate. We were not able to really function. We were not able to find our footing. We could not use the bathroom because there was only one. The in-laws were also at home plus their two-year child.
“Again, the plan was that after six months, we would leave the brother’s house and then find our footing. By the end of the six months, he said did not want to leave. And I had to leave. He said he owes debt. He was working a contract job. He wanted to get a permanent job. He was happy with everything. Me I just needed to be happy first.
“He was a nice boy. We moved in together in the estate (in Nigeria). We were living together. People do not understand that when you have the right connection with your partner, even with kids, you go find where you will have s3x.
“I entered Canada as a married woman. Single as a pringle now. Covid happened and life happened. People in my life know. I have been officially divorced since 2020.”.
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