Why Rapture Did Not Take Place On 25th of April – Prophet Metu

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Self-acclaimed Prophet Metu has stated why his prophecy that the world would end on the 25th of April, 2024 failed.

According to him, the reason is because God took pity on the earth after he had embarked on a 21-day dry fasting.

Metu had some days ago claimed that God revealed to him that the world would end on the 25th of April, 2024. However, his prophecy failed leading to him being mocked on social media.

He had claimed that the vision was shown to him twice by God, however it later failed.

Speaking on why the prophecy failed, he stated that God listened to him following an intense 21-day fasting.

God took pity on the earth for the prophet’s sake and extended his mercy to them.

In his words:

“The Lord Showed Us Mercy. After our 21days fasting and prayer, he heard us and gave us more time to live. Prayer works 💪 #rapture2024 #rapture”

Here are some reactions to his post

@OfficialBigkay asked: “Who granted you the pastoral certification to serve as a pastor? Your true calling was in acting, my dear friend.”

@chi_di_nso reacted: “Some of you misuse grace so much 😣..”

@Sir_tire added: “I need the God of the Old Testament to come out of retirement and strike you down.”

@soulchildPsalmy said: “Okaay…. So What’s the new date? We need to start praying ahead Prophet”

@tundealuko stated: “We need to pay more attention to mental illness in Nigeria.”

@boda_Anjola said: “Lmao if I understand you well. God showed you mercy and stopped you from entering heaven which is the ultimate goal; even after telling you the exact day of rapture, and gave you enough time to repent and be ready.Makes a lot of sense 👍🏾
Na Christians I blame”

@DeborahToluwase asked: “Can someone arrest this man ?”

Watch the video here

In other news, Korra Obidi’s former spouse, Justin Dean, has been criticized by relationship advisor Solomon Buchi for publicly expressing his dismay over his 4-year-old daughter allegedly imitating her mother’s twerking.

The issue arose when Justin Dean shared his concerns on Facebook about witnessing his daughter engaging in suggestive dancing similar to that of his ex-wife.

His post generated various reactions, with Solomon Buchi being one of those who provided feedback.

Solomon Buchi’s reaction to Justin Dean’s worries was characterized by ridicule, as he criticized Justin Dean for what he perceived as a lack of foresight in marrying Korra Obidi.

Referring to Korra Obidi as a “baddie,” Solomon Buchi argued that men often selfishly pursue relationships with women who could have negative impacts on their children.

“Why did you marry a woman who twerks 24/7?” Buchi questioned. “Sometimes, you men marry just to explore and be adventurous; you don’t consider that your wife will also be the mother of your kids. Now, your eyes have cleared. God help you,” he added.

Solomon Buchi proceeded to analyze Justin Dean’s apparent inconsistency in desiring specific attributes in a life partner, while simultaneously expressing disappointment when those very attributes are exhibited by his daughter.

“You wanna marry a baddie, but you don’t want a baddie daughter?”

My brother, baddie begets baddie. When choosing a wife, remember that you’re also choosing the mother of your children, and if you can’t handle the reality of having daughters like your wife, she’s the wrong one. Baddie can only beget baddie.”

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