“I Paid IT Experts To Remove My Leaked Explicit Tape From The Internet” – Tiwa Savage Reveals

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Tiwa Savage, the renowned Nigerian singer and actress, recently opened up about her experience dealing with the aftermath of her leaked adult tape.

During an interview with Angie Martins from Power 105.1 in New York, she shared the distressing situation she faced in October 2021 when she became a victim of blackmail due to her private video being leaked.

As an acclaimed Afrobeats artist and a mother, Tiwa Savage expressed her deep concern about the potential impact the leaked tape could have on her son, Jamil.

It was a challenging time for her, and she felt the need to address the issue publicly after three years of silence.

Fortunately, Tiwa Savage was able to take decisive action to mitigate the situation. She sought the assistance of an IT specialist who helped her remove the video from the internet and individuals’ mobile devices.

This swift action brought her a sense of relief, knowing that she had taken the necessary steps to protect herself and her family from further harm.

She said:

My biggest fear about my sex tape leaking was that my son might one day see it,” Tiwa Savage said during the interview. “But I got in touch with an IT expert who hacked the video from the internet and everyone’s mobile device. Right now, you can’t find it anywhere. Even if you had it stored on your phone,” she added.

Tiwa Savage, the renowned Nigerian artist and songwriter, recently discussed the significant role that men play in women’s lives.

In a conversation inspired by her collaboration with Simi, Tiwa Savage highlighted the intricate dynamics of relationships between the two genders.

She expressed her admiration for Simi and described their musical partnership as truly special.

Their collaborative song, “Men Are Crazy But I Still Want One In My Bed,” delves into the complexities of male-female relationships.

Tiwa Savage, famous for hits such as “Somebody’s Son,” shared her perspective on the importance of men, recognizing their quirks while emphasizing their irreplaceable presence in the lives of women.

“My collaboration with Simi is titled ‘Men Are Cr@zy But I Still Want One In My Bed.’ The inspiration behind it is that men are cr@zy but we can’t do without them.

“Simi is somebody that I’ve always wanted to work with. She is a queen in Afrobeats so both of us coming together on such an amazing track is magical,” she said.

Tiwa Savage also cautioned her fellow Nigerians about making financial requests from people. She forbade them from requesting money from her. People should work for their money, she advised.

The singer declared on her Instagram story that she is focusing on becoming better rather than proving herself as the year goes on. She boasted of her wealth and warned others not to approach her because of her position.

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