Lara George Slams Pastor Paul Enenche, Demands Public Apology for Anyim Vera

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Lara George has urged Pastor Paul Enenche to issue a sincere apology to Anyim Vera, the lady he publicly embarrassed in church.

She emphasized that the statement released by the Church was not a sufficient apology, and the pastor should make amends by apologizing directly to the lady.

In her perspective, the write-up served as an additional insult to the injury that had already been inflicted upon Vera Anyim.

She stated:

“Erm. That’s not an apology. When it leaves room for doubt, you haven’t apologized. WWJD?
Be humble enough to apologize to her properly.
Let your apology be as loud and as clear as your criticism.
Nah! It’s not nice. Doesn’t matter who you are, we should all treat others as we would like to be treated. She doesn’t speak as well as you think she should, therefore you can conclude she is telling a lie? Based on the way she speaks?
The way she speaks is a reflection of what we have allowed in our society. Every politician that you coddled instead of speaking the truth to, who stole funds that should have gone into healthcare, or education, or any other public welfare initiative…… well…… that’s the outcome. Graduates who speak like that. And you…. contributed to the condition of that society. The contributions from people like her is what has built the edifice you sit in. And while you sit there, we don’t hear you speak for the voiceless or defend the helpless.
Nah. It’s not nice. Apologize to her properly. Unequivocally. That write-up that you had your people do, is really an insult on top of her injury. You know this. You would never dare address the matter that way if she was from a wealthy background.
At the end of the day, the way you treat someone who you think you will never need is the true indicator of your character”.

Vera Anyim has put aside her differences and pardoned the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, Dr Paul Enenche.

She met with the clergyman and his wife, Becky Enenche on Monday following Enenche’s accusation of her lying about being a “BSc graduate of law” from the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN.

Vera, who had claimed during a Sunday live service that she graduated from NOUN after ten years, was accused of lying by Pastor Enenche.

A video clip circulating on social media showed how the senior pastor interrupted her testimony, stating that she had lied about having a BSc in law.

The pastor received backlash from concerned Nigerians, demanding an apology to Vera. The church has issued an apology, clarifying that the incident was unintentional.

Following the apology, Vera posted photos of herself, Pastor Enenche, and his wife on her Facebook page.

She expressed no ill feelings towards the pastor and the church, emphasizing her dedication to “serving God as a member of Dunamis church”.

The post reads,
“I want to inform the whole world that I just had a warm meeting with my spiritual father and mother dr Paul Enenche and dr Becky Enenche.
“I don’t have any grudge against the church or them I remain committed to serving God as a member of Dunamis church.
“I am thankful for the concern of the public. I have put the situation at my back and I have moved forward and I want everybody to do the same. Peace.”
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