How I Got Duped of $70,000 For Song Remix – Kcee

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Nigerian music musician Kingsley Okonkwo, better known as Kcee, has revealed how he was duped out of $70,000 for a song remake.

The Limpopo hit-maker spoke with content creator Bae U on his YouTube series ‘Curiosity Made Me Ask’ about his music career and how he remained relevant in the business after being at the top of his game for nearly three decades.

The 44-year-old performer stated why he hasn’t been performing remixes of his hit songs, citing an encounter with an American artist.

Kcee recounted paying an anonymous American singer to appear on his song around seven years ago, but the individual failed to follow the deal.

He also talked about how the American band One Republic approached him and begged for a chance to participate in the remix of his song, Ojapiano.

Bae U questioned him to confirm whether or not he paid One Republic for the remix, and he reaffirmed that he did not, and he was surprised that the American music group would contact him and want to be on his song.

Kcee says:

“Well I don’t need to say too much but I can’t pay anybody for a remix. Actually I tried to pay for a remix like about eight, nine years ago and they duped me about $70k and that was when I said I would never pay anybody a dime for collaboration.

“I didn’t beg them, they messaged me. The truth is the sound was very good. The sound was new and the sound was fresh.

“A lot of people tried to hit me up for a remix and anybody that knows me, I hardly do remixes of my hit songs. And most of my hit songs are always with me but this one when they came for it, I was like who am I, I was shocked.”

In other news, He claimed during a recent interview with Naija FM. Kcee stated that he has decided to speak out about the matter, highlighting that there are others in the music business who are aware of his ongoing issues with Harrysong and have made efforts to resolve them.

Many influential people became enraged upon learning of the singer’s allegations that the “Reggae Blues” crooner had faked their signatures and cheated a client of over N3 million.

Harrysong’s attempt to downplay his achievements in the music business was also met with disapproval by Kcee, who noted that the singer was already a superstar before joining their company.

He stated:

 “This is like 8 years or 7 years we went our separate ways but he keeps coming back every year with one thing or the other. I think this year, I told myself I wasn’t going to take that anymore because I have been keeping quiet and I didn’t want to address it. But most people didn’t know what happened between me and him. I have witnesses like Ayo Animashaun and Daddy Showkey, they tried to put us together and they heard about what happened and people were angry with him. I never came out.

“Nobody knew he had to forge signatures of me and my brother, with his former manager to take money from one of our clients about N3.something millions, which is in the police right now. If I want to wake up that case tomorrow, I will wake it up. He even has a contract running, 5 years and he went out calling him out saying he wrote my songs.

“When I won Star Quest, he was in the village, still fishing with his grandmother and I did four albums, 3 with Kennis Music. I was a superstar already, coming out to discredit me at some point because I gave you umbrella to shine was nothing to write home about. I told myself before that I wasn’t going to talk about it, but I have decided that I will talk about it anytime I have the opportunity.”

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