BLord Set To Complete N300 Million Catholic Church Building In His Hometown (Video)

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Billionaire businessman Linus Williams, also known as BLord, has recently given his supporters an update regarding the progress of the Ebenebe Tansi Church construction project in his hometown.

The project, which is estimated to be worth more than N300 million, is a significant undertaking aimed at finally completing the church building after being left unfinished for over twenty years.

Through a post on his Instagram account, BLord shared a video showcasing the current state of the construction, indicating that the roofing phase is now at a seventy percent completion rate, in line with his promise.

Mr.B Lord highlighted the importance of the project, recalling that the church had been roofless since he was just six years old.

With a strong resolve to address this issue, he declared his plan to take on the financial responsibility alone, intending to invest over N300 million in the project.

He requested the support of his followers through prayers, recognizing the magnitude of the task at hand and the necessity of divine assistance to bring it to a successful conclusion.

In his words;

“Roofing of Ebenebe Tansi Church 70 percent completed As Promised, Plastering and Tiling Next By Gods Grace, This Project Was Contracted to @m.dagash911 Director Of Tonimas,

Pray For Blord , I need Gods Strength to finish this project, this is not 100m naira project, We are looking at 300m and above and ill single-handedly do it.

Do you know that the church has remained Unroofed For the past 20 years ???? I was just 6 when they stopped working on the church, Grace”

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Recall that Blord Linus William, a popular cryptocurrency dealer, and businessman expressed great excitement as he magnificently celebrated his 26th birthday.

The celebration, which included a large present from his wife and a lively crowd of well-wishers, was shared with his Instagram followers.

Blord captured the festivities with a series of Instagram Stories photos, capturing moments of joy as he danced with drummers and friends.

The highlight of the event was a stunning present from his wife, who surprised him with a bouquet of $2,000 notes, which is equivalent to nearly N3.2 million.

Blord shared his surprise with his fans, posting a selfie of himself clutching the extravagant present and expressing thanks for the unexpected gesture.

“My boy and his mom woke me up to a birthday song. My wife woke me up with $2K, gad dam,” he wrote.

Amid the celebrations, Blord took a minute to reflect on his journey and express thanks for another year of life.
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