Your Husband Has No Right to Order You Not To Go Out – Sandra Ezekwesili To Wives

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Sandra Ezekwesili, a prominent figure in the media, has advised women against letting their husbands control them.

She emphasized that husbands should not have the authority to restrict their wives from going out. Sandra made this statement on a social media platform.

She wrote:
“Babes I promise you, your husband has no right to order you not to go out o. It’s not something to kiki about, it’s not something to look forward to and it’s not something to nod approvingly of. I’m trying to see the nuanced reason why this can/could happen and I am struggling.
“I told myself I’ll stop talking about these things cos we’re all living different lives and that means we’ll always see each other’s ways as off but alas. Informing your so about your movement is very different from “asking for permission” and expecting a consequential answer.
“Are you trying to protect her or are you trying to control her? To show you CAN exert that control?Are you her father or her partner? Is the only way to “protect” her to infringe upon her ability to go and come as she pleases (and is convenient for both your schedules)?”
In other news, During a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, Oritsefemi claimed that his ex-wife was incapable of conceiving despite experiencing “21 miscarriages.”Furthermore, he accused her of orchestrating an attack by sending approximately 20 individuals to physically harm him.

The singer’s statement reads as follows:

“Nabila had 21 miscarriages, yet she still tells me, Oritsefemi, that I can’t impregnate her. My wife asked her friends to come and beat me up in my house. I said, ‘Look at me, lion, women they pursue’. They are up to 20, and they beat me, and I’m not lying.”

Nabila’s attorney, Rockson Igelige from Rockson Legal, released a statement refuting the allegations made by the singer’s ex-wife.

Oritsefemi has a deadline of fourteen days to withdraw the defamatory statements and threats mentioned in the cease and desist notice he received.

Failure to do so will result in legal action being taken against him, including criminal charges and a civil claim.

It read;

“We write to you to cease further defamation of and threats to our client. You know for a fact that the above-quoted statements, amongst others, that you made during the said interview are all concocted lies designed to disparage, tarnish, and damage our client’s character and to bring her to public ridicule and hostility.

“This is so as our client did not at any time send any of her friends to beat you up nor had 21 miscarriages during her now judicially dissolved marriage to you. Our client takes exception to your defamatory aspersions designed to taint and destroy her reputation.

“We, therefore, demand that you cease defamatory statements against our client. We further demand that you immediately stop referring to our client as your wife and stop threatening anyone around her. Our client sued you for divorce (the dissolution of your marriage), and the High Court of Lagos State judicially dissolved the marriage on 21st March 2024.”

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