“Why I Can’t Marry A Lady Who’s Been To Lagos” – Speed Darlington

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Speed Darlington, the controversial Nigerian singer, and social media personality has caused quite a stir with his recent announcement that he will not marry any woman who has either lived in or visited Lagos.

The artist, who has been actively searching for a wife, explained that his decision was influenced by an incident he witnessed at an airport.

In a video shared on his social media platform, Speed Darlington recounted an encounter where he saw a Nigerian lady accompanied by a Caucasian man. This sighting prompted him to criticize the behavior of women in Lagos, particularly their focus on making money above all else.

Expressing his opinion, Speed Darlington emphasized that a significant number of women in Lagos prioritize money over other aspects of life.

He expressed his disappointment with what he perceives as a prevailing culture of materialism and opportunism among women in the city, suggesting that these traits are undesirable in a potential life partner.

“I cannot marry any woman who has lived or is currently living in Lagos,” Speed Darlington said.

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Read some comments below:

_chefbrownson said: “Collect sand make u mould your own woman then”

ajubajubal said: “Chai I wish i was that girl right now.. to sue people dey hungry me, cause FFS”

eyebreakdrules said: “The hype is getting into his head coz what manner of fuckery is this ?”

symplybarbz said: “It’s the fact that he thinks he is better than the white man, for me. People are living their lives and with partners they choose to love, this noise makes way no know e self de record de talk nonsense.”

In other news, Speed Darlington taunted his colleague, Portable, following his apprehension for failing to settle a car debt.

According to the Daily Post, Portable was arrested by the Lagos State Police Command on Tuesday after he refused to pay the debt he accumulated when he purchased a G-Wagon from a local car dealer.

In response, Speed Darlington mocked the ‘Zazu’ singer for portraying himself as a superstar while struggling with financial obligations.

The ‘Akpi’ artist clarified that, unlike Portable, he lives within his means and highlighted that his own Benz is 18 years old.

In a video message shared on his Instagram account on Wednesday, Darlington expressed his thoughts on the matter.

He stated:

“Una see Portable jump fence? Portable don cast o! Yoruba superstar no get money for Benz [laughs].

“Nobody is looking for me. Everything is cash and carry. I don’t hang my hand on a shoulder I can’t reach. Portable was flaunting his GLE but he didn’t have the money to pay for it.

“Guess who old my Benz is? 18 years. But I’ve peace of mind. I can’t jump fence.”

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