Nigerian Woman Allegedly Commits Suicide Over Failed Marriage In Nasarawa

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Margaret Oyibo Atayi, a Nigerian woman, tragically took her own life in Nasarawa State. The reason behind her suicide was her unsuccessful marriage.

After being reported missing by her family members, the mother of two from Ugbokolo Local Government Area of Benue State was discovered deceased three days later.

Her last known location was near City College Of Education, Abacha Road, Mararaba, Nasarawa State, at approximately 3 am on Friday, May 17, 2024.

Despite extensive efforts to locate her, her whereabouts remained unknown until her sister, Ochanya Chelle, sadly confirmed her death on Monday, May 20.

Mr. Patrick Atayi, her father, revealed that she took her own life as a result of the deep depression caused by her marital difficulties.

“Margaret was a mother of two children. She has been in depression for some time now due to mistreatment by her husband,” he explained.

“She went out on that fateful Friday morning by 3am without the knowledge of an
ybody. Her body was discovered in the late hours of Monday, and every available evidence confirmed that she committed suicide.”

A close source who confirmed the incident to Idoma Voice Newspaper said;

 “This is very unfortunate. In an effort to search for her, I reached out to her father and discovered that she was a mother of two children and that she went into depression for some time, which led to her going out that Friday night at 3 am without anyone’s knowledge, resulting in this unfortunate incident.

“Please, no one should die in silence, no matter the situation you find yourself in. Please speak out; you could be helped and overcome it. Nothing is worth taking your life for or dying for. Above all, embrace God and enjoy the peace of God.”

In other news, Chioma Goodhair has revealed how she made her first million. The popular Nigerian socialite and Real Housewives of Lagos cast member stated that she made her first million while at the university.

Speaking in an interview with Tacha on the Big Friday Show, she revealed that she made her first million Naira from throwing parties when she was a student.

She claimed that her entrepreneurial spirit was originally sparked while she was attending the University of Birmingham, where she was recognized for her pleasant and outgoing personality.

She shared an example of how she leveraged her celebrity to arrange campus parties and encourage hundreds of students, largely women, to buy tickets.

‘My first million naira was probably from throwing events in uni. I went to the University of Birmingham and I didn’t even plan to but I was so popular then and I knew a lot of people and I was very friendly. I’m still a friendly person I don’t look it but I am. I’m also a girls girl and I’m very good at convincing people to do stuff.”

“So back then some guys used to organize parties and one guy would be like, ‘Come and sell tickets to your friends,’ and I’d bring like 100 or 200 girls. So the next year he was like why don’t we come together to throw these parties because you’re really good at selling tickets?”

“So we organised this party and we made so much money and when I convert it, it would have been over a million naira…It was like six thousand pounds…”

“Oh wow, so back then it would have been like eight or nine million,” Tacha asked.

“Yes,” Chioma replied.

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