I’m a Proud Nigerian, Not From Gabon – Zack Orji Makes U-turn

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Veteran Nollywood actor and politician, Zack Orji has debunked a video of him claiming to come from Gabon.

The video was from a podcast in which the actor had granted an interview.

It went viral on Monday and was shared on numerous blogs in the country.

In the podcast, he stated that he is actually from Gabon not Nigeria.

However, following the publication of the news, the actor has now debunked it.

In a statement sent to PUNCH Online on Tuesday, Orji said, “Not long ago, they said I was dead, and, by God’s grace and mercy, it eventually turned out to be a lie from the pit of hell.

“Now, another lie from the pit of hell has emerged, claiming that I said, “I’m from Gabon, I’m not a Nigerian”.

“I hereby issue a disclaimer dissociating myself from that lie. I am a full-blooded Nigerian, both of my parents are Nigerians.

“I am from Enugu State, the Coal City State. I am proudly Nigerian, and I am equally proud of my Nigerian heritage.

“God almighty will deal with whoever originated that lie as he dims fit.”

See the previous report below:

Zack Orji, a renowned veteran actor in Nollywood, has made a surprising revelation about his nationality. Contrary to popular belief, he has stated that he is not solely Nigerian but hails from Gabon.

This revelation came to light during a recent podcast interview where he shed light on this lesser-known aspect of his life.

According to Zack Orji, formerly known as Zubby Michael, he was born in Gabon due to his father’s frequent work-related travels.

Furthermore, he shared an interesting detail about his ancestry, mentioning that his father bestowed upon him the middle name Amaefuna, which translates to “Let my heritage not be lost.”

Zack Orjil, during the podcast interview, highlighted his recent journey to Gabon as a pivotal moment in his endeavor to reconnect with his cultural roots.

He elaborated on how his profession has granted him the opportunity to embark on numerous travels, mirroring his father’s adventures.

This particular circumstance led him back to his country of origin, where he not only delved into his ancestral lineage but also filmed a captivating movie.

Watch video:

In other news, Angela Okorie has publicly criticized Zubby Michael for his public display of generosity towards Junior Pope’s family.

She expressed her disapproval on Instagram, suggesting that he should have given the money discreetly instead of hiring a videographer to document the act.

Angela also mentioned how she used to help him out in a more subtle manner. She made it clear that she sees through his actions and urged him to get out.

She wrote:

“Zubby if you really wanted to give money to Junior Pope’s family. You for give them quietly.

The way I dey take dey give you that year codedly, nobody go know. You carry camera plant make dem dey video you dey give bundle of money to JP family. We all know you with propaganda. Just get out abeg

Zubby na young person die. The show case of money wasn’t necessary, but as a local boy that u are, you know you don’t hace sense. You don’t know where to do show and where to behave well. Abi you get money pass all the dignitaries wey come there? Mugu”.

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