Alibaba Slams Man Who Complained About Wife’s Refusal To Wash His Clothes

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Alibaba, the Nigerian comedian and actor, recently criticized a man who complained about his wife’s refusal to do his laundry.

The man, Chinedu, expressed his frustration online about his wife’s unwillingness to wash his clothes despite his busy schedule. Alibaba shared a screenshot of Chinedu’s post, highlighting the issue.

His words:

Am in pains right now. A woman I married with my hard earned money has refused to wash my clothes and she knows how busy I am.”

In response, Alibaba advised him to purchase a washing and drying machine and hire two housemaids, suggesting that he isn’t as busy as he claims.

He wrote:

You would have kuku jejely buy washing and drying machine, then employed 2 house help. You never busy reach.”


See reactions to his post below;

hrm_empress said: “No mind the sufferhead man 😂😂😂”

ovokiss reacted: “Oga, wetin do your hand? Amputated? Wash your clothes or take it to dry cleaner.”

maryanngozi suggested: “Even if she doesn’t work, they still need a house help”

jumine_faces said: “Misconstruction of sentence, it should have been “the woman I bought with my hard earned money” anuofia”

cake_vendors_connect stated: “Did you buy her? I don’t understand that line ” a woman you married with your hard earned money” … 🤦🏼”

In other news, Alibaba, a popular Nigerian comedian, has criticized the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for recently arresting socialite Bobrisky.

Bobrisky, a notorious figure renowned for his cross-dressing character, was detained at his home in Pinnock Estates, Lagos, on Wednesday, April 3rd, and is now facing a six-count charge of money laundering and Naira mutilation.

Alibaba voiced his displeasure with Bobrisky’s detention in a since-deleted Instagram story post by referring to a video showing individuals spraying and tampering with the Naira.

The comedian asked a rhetorical question, wondering why Bobrisky was arrested for similar conduct but the males in the video remained unpunished.

Alibaba cited a similar event in which a female celebrity was jailed for the same conduct as evidence of what he thought to be gender prejudice in the EFCC’s treatment of persons.

He bemoaned the unfair treatment of women in Nigeria, highlighting the gap in how men and women are handled for comparable offenses.

In his words:

And Bobrisky was arrested for what again? Because they are men? This is not right. The other time on celebrity lady was sentenced for this same thing. Now, EFCC has arrested another lady for the same thing that men get away with. The way we treat women in this country is not good. Mennnnnn… I just tayaaa.”

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