South African Forex Trader Themba Selahle Allegedly Leaks His Ex-fiancée’s S3x Tape

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Themba Selahle, a forex trader from South Africa and a well-known Instagram influencer, has recently faced accusations of leaking a private video involving his ex-fiancée, Gcinile Twala.

Numerous social media users have expressed their outrage and are demanding justice for Gcinile, who is also an Instagram influencer and a talented make-up artist.

The leaked video, titled “Part 1 of 35,” features Gcinile in a vulnerable state, completely unclothed, engaging in intimate acts with Grootman and herself.

Despite their previous portrayal of a luxurious lifestyle on Instagram, the couple ended their relationship this year. Grootman instructed Gcinile to leave his house and return the diamond-encrusted engagement ring, as well as all the gifts he had given her during their time together.

Their relationship had captivated the attention of young South Africans on social media due to the extravagant lives they showcased. They were frequently seen donning designer brands, embarking on luxurious local vacations, indulging in shopping sprees, and purchasing expensive cars.

In January 2022, Gcinile made headlines when she got a tattoo on her chest area, featuring Grootman’s name.

The tattoo caused quite a stir, leaving people astonished and questioning why she would ink the name of a man she wasn’t even married to permanently.

After their tumultuous relationship came to an end, Gcinile decided to conceal the name she had previously tattooed on her chest.

Furthermore, she shared screenshots of conversations where Grootman instructed her to gather all the things he had purchased for her, as he intended to have them picked up.

Take a look at additional pictures of the ex-couple and read the comments from social media users below.

Themba Selahle, Gcinile Twala

Themba Selahle, Gcinile Twala



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During an interview, he was asked which female industry figure he would avoid being alone with, and he mentioned Nengi.

He explained that he stays away from the BBNaija star to resist temptation. Spyro also shared an encounter where he saw her at a show sitting across from him.

The “Who Is Your Guy” artist made a conscious effort to rebuke any negative thoughts and distractions until he eventually left the scene.

His words:
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“Humnnnn…. Naso I jam her for one show, she sat right opposite me and I kept rebuking the devil to leave my head till I had to run.”
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