Peter Okoye Undergoes Hair Transplant in Turkey (Video)

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Peter Okoye, also known as Mr P, a well-known singer, has recently documented his experience with a hair transplant procedure.

He disclosed that he underwent the surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, after expressing his discomfort with his balding hair to his fans.

“Hey guys, Mr P is here. I’m here in Istanbul with Mr [name] who is here to look after my hair. You guys know I’m been very uncomfortable about it but guess what, you will see the before and after of the magic these guys are about to do,” he said joyfully.
In a subsequent Instagram story video, he displayed the advancement of his hair transplant during a lunch break.
He confirmed that approximately 2,400 hair strands were harvested from various areas of his scalp for transplantation onto the bald spots along his hairline.

“The extraction part is done, we have about 2400 and it’s time to eat. I feel better 100%, nothing to worry about; just to look good for you guys,” he added.

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In other news, Nigerian music mogul Ubi Franklin has explained why he prevented PSquare (Peter and Paul Okoye) from signing singer Iyanya some years back.

He spoke during a recent interview.

The Triple MG chairman stated that the music group and its manager, Jude Okoye, invited him and Iyanya to their mansion for a record contract, but they instructed him to wait outside while the ‘Kukere’ singer entered the house.

Ubi Franklin told the anecdote on an edition of The Afrobeats podcast presented by Adesope Olajide.

He said PSquare’s actions damaged his ego that day, and he promised to refuse the transaction even if he was paid $50 million for Iyanya.

According to him, PSquare asked for their email address and promised to deliver the contract later, but when it arrived, he never answered.

When Iyanya inquired about why they hadn’t heard from PSquare, Ubi Franklin advised him to form his record label instead, since it is the only way people will take them seriously in the business.

The talent manager also revealed that Hip Hop singer Eldee offered Iyanya a bigger deal around the same time, but they first preferred the PSquare signing due to the accompaniments.

Ubi says:

We got there, Jude, Paul and Peter told me to wait outside and called Iyanya into the house. I was boiling outside. Iyanya would have gotten that deal with PSquare but the fact that they said I should wait outside, my ego was bruised.
“You know what I said to them, ‘Even if I was offered $50 million, I would reject the deal.’ Guess what Eldee’s deal was actually better than theirs.”
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