“My Godsent” – Blessing Obasi Pens Sweet Message to Husband Stan Nze on His Birthday

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Nollywood actress Blessing Obasi marked her husband’s birthday with a lavish celebration. She took to her Instagram page to extend warm wishes to her husband, Stan Nze, on his special day.

In a heartfelt message, she prayed for God’s blessings upon her beloved king.

She wrote:

“Happy birthday to Stan Nze from all of us! May your day be filled with love, joy, and all your heart’s desires.
I think it gets to a point in life where words don’t cut it anymore. For real.

Cos these days, I hear myself sound like a broken record.
To say that I love you is shallow talk…guess that’s why we’ve got the gift of tongues.
To carry on where English fails. English fails me with you my Sweetness!
You are a true definition of a good man.
I re-echo Gods words when he made you.
You are worth celebrating everyday.
To a man who walks the talk.
Who loves peace more than fight.
A man of true wisdom and integrity.
Selfless and kind.
A husband of worth and pride.
A father that fathers.
A priest that covers.
A friend that never leaves.
A confidant in all things.
A lover with no troubles.
My Godsent.
My happy place.
My laughter buddy.
My sweet love.
My truest friend.
My king, my husband, my atm card, my treasure, and even lately, my mother…I love you so much! You wear every role so well. THANK YOU
Happy Birthday My King!
Nations will continually come to your rising.
Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard.
Your fire for Christ will never dim.
Strangers will build your walls, kings will serve you.
We ride, we thrive, forever & forever.
Happy Birthday My Sweetness♥️”
In other news, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, a well-known Nollywood actress, has expressed her belief that the primary motive behind online feuds among celebrities is simply to gain attention and publicity.In a recent interview with Hip TV, she revealed that some entertainers deliberately engage in these conflicts as a means to promote their upcoming music or projects.

Nkechi Blessing further shared that whenever she witnesses such disputes, she chooses to ignore them, recognizing that these fights are often premeditated.

In her words:

“My thoughts on celebrities bashing each other on the Internet, I feel it’s some form of publicity stunt. By the time they come out on social media to exchange words, is either they have a new single coming up or they’re about to drop a song.

“So most times when I see celebrities fighting online, I just walk away because most times we sit down and plan these things.

“Sometimes, it’s not actually bad blood. As I said they might want to release a single so they will need all the clout and engagements to get their songs out there in your faces. So that’s it literally.”

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