My Father Gave Me 2 British Degrees – Korra Obidi’s Sister, Nancy Umeh Slams Justin Dean (Video)

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Nancy Umeh, the sister of Korra Obidi, has confronted Justin Dean, the ex-husband of the dancer.

This confrontation occurred after Justin Dean accused Korra Obidi of deceiving her fans by collecting more money than necessary through a GoFundMe account.

According to him, Korra received $55,000, even though she only needed $5,000 to cover the legal fees for their ongoing court case.

It is worth mentioning that Korra had previously reached out to her social media followers, requesting financial assistance to fight her husband legally, as he had prohibited her from using their children for online content.

In response to Dean’s accusations, Nancy Umeh proudly highlighted her father’s achievements, emphasizing that he had provided her with two British degrees and had made significant sacrifices for their family.

 Watch the video below:


Recall that Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, has faced criticism from Nigerians for her decision to use over $50K, which was donated for her legal fee, to go on vacation.

Recently, she made an emotional plea on her social media platform, asking her fans to contribute money to help her with her legal troubles involving her ex-husband.

However, despite the donations, she was spotted preparing for a vacation in Hawaii, leading many to believe that she was misusing the funds.

In response, she clarified that the vacation had been planned before her plea for donations and assured everyone that the money would be used for its intended purpose.

Justin Dean, the former spouse of Korra Obidi, has made allegations against the dancer for deceiving social media users who generously donated money for her legal expenses.

According to him, Korra required only $5000 for the legal case, not the $55,000 that was raised through her GoFundMe campaign.

It is worth noting that Korra had appealed to her online community for financial support to cover her legal costs in the legal battle against Justin.

Her ex-husband had taken legal action against her for sharing videos and photos of their children on her social media platform.

He emphasized his desire to keep their children’s identities private, especially in connection with the type of content she typically shares.

Korra then sought assistance from her fans, who generously contributed a substantial sum of $55,000 towards her legal expenses.

Justin maintains that she exploited her followers by misusing their contributions, alleging that she had purchased two cars and two houses within the past two years.

To support his claims, the doctor shared a voice recording of Korra’s sister, in which she mentioned that Korra had the necessary funds but was seeking additional money from her fans to combat Justin.

The sister also reportedly stated that Korra’s supporters enjoy being deceived, in response to accusations labeling the dancer as a fraudster.

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