Celebrity Fights On Social Media Are Usually Planned – Nkechi Blessing

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Nkechi Blessing Sunday, a well-known Nollywood actress, has expressed her belief that the primary motive behind online feuds among celebrities is simply to gain attention and publicity.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, she revealed that some entertainers deliberately engage in these conflicts as a means to promote their upcoming music or projects.

Nkechi Blessing further shared that whenever she witnesses such disputes, she chooses to ignore them, recognizing that these fights are often premeditated.

In her words:

“My thoughts on celebrities bashing each other on the Internet, I feel it’s some form of publicity stunt. By the time they come out on social media to exchange words, is either they have a new single coming up or they’re about to drop a song.

“So most times when I see celebrities fighting online, I just walk away because most times we sit down and plan these things.

“Sometimes, it’s not actually bad blood. As I said they might want to release a single so they will need all the clout and engagements to get their songs out there in your faces. So that’s it literally.”

In other news, Nkechi Blessing, a renowned actress, recently took to social media to express her heartfelt appreciation for her partner.

Describing him as a “Special gift from God”, she credited him for playing a significant role in her personal development, leading her to become a better version of herself.

Furthermore, Nkechi praised her partner for his valuable contributions to her professional life, commending his innovative ideas that have contributed to the growth of her brand.

She highlighted his unwavering support and commitment to her success, emphasizing his continuous efforts to ensure her well-being and happiness.

Expressing her deep love for her partner, Nkechi affirmed that their bond is not only special but also divinely blessed. She concluded her message with a declaration of love and a promise to always stand by his side.

In her words:

” Taking time out to appreciate my Special gift from God, ESEOGHENE. Just as your name implies, ever since you came into my life I have become a better person, your teachings and guidance are things I will hold dear to my heart forever,

Thank you for being my biggest support system, coming up with ideas on how to move my brand forward…I have said this to you over and over, but I need to celebrate you openly, just the way you have carried my matter on your head openly…

I love how you love me and I promise to always be in your corner EGUONO ME we did a thing under the rain and God himself is pleased with us I love you Daddy/ @xxssive #mineforlife”.

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